Republicans’ “Can Do” Mentality

After attending last night’s session of the Republican National Convention and reading some of the papers today, I want to say that I am proud of the Republican Party.  Governor after governor explained how he had turned around his state fiscally, including schools, jobs, other things we need on the national level.  And we have Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan to lead that effort.  I get the feel of a “can do” attitude in this convention, one grounded in reality with the U. S. debt clock displayed for all to see and contemplate.

President Reagan led us in a turnaround.  I believe Governor Romney can do the same.  He knows it’s not a one-man effort.  It’s the whole party.  It will include the empowerment of the American people, to take our robust, stable democracy and elect a president and a host of Republicans to return us to prosperity.

We can lead the world by innovating fiscally and every other way, with kindness, a sense of urgency and the good-government principles of the Republican Party.

The American people are empowered by our robust and stable democracy to turn away from the failed inactions and misguided actions of the Obama Administration that put in place complex regulations which impeded the creation and maintenance of businesses and jobs.

When one chooses a president in our country, it is usually the choice between two persons, two imperfect persons.  Neither President Obama nor Governor Romney is perfect.  But President Obama has a failed record and Governor Romney has a sterling series of superb accomplishments.  Once we had the choice between President Carter, who had a dismal record, and Governor Reagan.  Thank God we chose President Reagan who gave much and led well.

Tonight Congressman Paul Ryan will accept the nomination for vice president on the Republican ticket.  I have a lot of respect for Congressman Ryan.  He’s been a real leader for fiscal discipline in the House.

Somehow even with the uncertainty of the upcoming election, my portfolios, Hurricane Isaac and my marital future, I feel I am in God’s loving hands and somehow, some day, good results will surface.

Fiscal discipline must be drilled into everyone’s consciousness, resulting in the creation and sustaining of jobs.  Regulations must be simplified or eliminated.  Our nation must recognize that the downgrading of our nation’s credit rating is a clear warning of impending danger.

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