REVIEW Part V: The Debt Bomb: A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America

The Debt Bomb:  A Bold Plan to Stop Washington from Bankrupting America

by U. S. Senator Tom A. Coburn, M. D.

 Review by John E. Wade II

Part V

The Solution

Governor Romney and President Reagan were superb professionals in the finest sense.  I see in Governor Romney the deep intelligence and motivation that President Reagan possessed.  In President Obama, however, I see a masterful politician who is drastically lacking in leadership and competence for the innovation that has been and is needed.

In Governor Romney I see a moral leader who will make his decisions, based on what’s right for the country and its future.  He has a long track record of accomplishment.

Our country has many challenges, and Governor Romney points out one—illegitimate birth; it was seven percent in the 1960s, but has skyrocketed to forty percent now.  The “Great Society” destroyed many families by taking away their self-reliance.

Ann Romney volunteered at a school for at-risk girls.  When she asked the class how many wanted to go to college almost every girl raised her hand.  Then she asked the class, “How many of you want to have a baby before you graduate from high school?”  Again, almost all raised their hands, indicating they had not made the vital disconnect between those goals.

Governor Romney points out that the American people are, in general, quite hard-working with more hours than the Germans and French.  Americans are also risk-takers.  He told the story of a young person he tried to hire.  But the gentleman had an idea for a business and turned Mr. Romney down.  Years later Governor Romney saw the gentleman, who was by then worth $25 billion, having earned his fortune through Microsoft.  He had taken a chance.

The role of the electorate is to seek honest, capable, wise, visionary leaders.  I believe that Governor Romney “fits the bill.”  He’s honest and frank, and courageous; it takes a lot of courage to write about illegitimate births.  I also see the wisdom of President Reagan in Governor Romney.  He’s a moral, genuine person who can solve, with the help of other Republicans, the immense problems ahead.

We are in a frontier in terms of our nation’s financial, educational and family status.  President Obama had his chance, and he has not accomplished very much of substance.  And his fiscal and financial actions have been dismal.  I believe that Ronald Reagan was a decent gentleman with vision, and the same is true of Mitt Romney.

The elections in the United States will be scrutinized around the world, much, much, more than the elections in Greece.  I hope and pray that the American people will see what I see.