Romney will focus on solutions

I like what I read in the Tampa Bay Times and Politico this morning, that Governor Romney is saying, “I am who I am,” rather than trying to be someone other than himself.   Instead of pretending to connect with truck drivers in a touchy-feely way, he wants to take steps that actually help truck drivers and other workers.  In short, Governor Romney is a person of substance, not a pretender like President Obama who makes lofty images and promises and then fails miserably in substance.

I get the distinct feeling that Governor Romney will be a hard-working, no-nonsense president, one who gets things done, such as tending to our national debt and invigorating our economy, something that President Obama hasn’t done, sadly, because either he doesn’t know how or because of his non-management style of speechmaking without governing.

As I read The Reagan Diaries I can picture dedication and purpose, qualities I saw especially as I read three times and reviewed The Real Romney.

In today’s paper I see that Governor Romney is developing a first-hundred-days plan.  In four years President Obama hasn’t planned for economic gains, instead spending his four years campaigning for the 2012 election.

We are in the Innovation Age.  I believe Governor Romney can attract the best and brightest from the private sector and elsewhere to fill Cabinet and other posts to innovate in government.  This innovation should have kind, moral and decent guidelines, but at the same time be firm and effective.  Governor Romney can and will do that.  President Obama hasn’t accomplished much of substance, and his promises four years ago fall very flat; remember that when you consider whether he can be trusted for yet another four years.

A quality of Governor Romney that shines is his moral character and faith in God.  It shows in his family life and his meaning and purpose in life.  Governor Romney has not gotten where he is because of a love affair with his rhetoric.  He has been extremely determined all his life and is extremely well-prepared to run our government with imagination and creativity.

President Obama went straight to the top.  On the other hand, Governor Romney and Governor Reagan did not secure their party’s nomination the first time they sought it, yet had the drive, ambition and convictions to come back and win the presidential nomination.  And of course they were both governors of major states.

Each had literally years to think, plan and picture people to secure for their administration.  President Obama was wrapped up in his own egotistical urges and never has put together a talented team, a big reason he has failed to revive our economy.  He doesn’t have the business and economic expertise himself and he doesn’t know how to select and attract those who can help.

We must raise our flag again, regain prosperity and confront head-on our spending and entitlement problems, kindly, firmly, with compassion and with a short/intermediate/long-term outlook.

I believe Governor Romney, as did President Reagan, will focus first on solutions for our economy, Romneyomics, not unlike Reagonomics that was so effective in launching the twenty-five-year growth period from 1982 to 2007.

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