Spirituality Growth Review of how to achieve a heaven on earth

101 Insightful Essays from the World’s Greatest, ed. John E. Wade II
Feb 17, 2010 Paym Bergson

Soldiers of Love founder John E. Wade II presents the reader with 101 essays which show how the human spirit continues to rise, no matter what.

There’s an old adage that says, “it takes a village to raise a child.” John E. Wade II, founder of Soldiers of Love (a charity whose mission is to guide the world to a heaven on earth), believes the world can take that adage one step further.

As a whole, some believe that a heaven on earth can be achieved by helping others – in effect, it takes the world to raise humankind to its full spiritual potential (not Mr. Wade’s words). how to achieve a heaven on earth: 101 Insightful Essays from the World’s Greatest Thinkers, Leaders and Writers does just that.

Soldiers of Love
The book was developed to get the word out and promote the mission of Soldiers of Love. But something happened along the way. Mr. Wade himself acknowledges that what he sought — a heaven on earth — actually has been achieved to a degree – “I was thinking in terms of each of us…the whole of humankind. Yet as the essays came in, I realized that is has been and is quite possible to achieve a heaven on earth individually…..This does not mean that we can reach perfection, but rather something spiritual and meaningful…full of purpose.” (p.17)

The Ten Elements of Soldiers of Love, and Creating a Heaven on Earth
The basic tenancy of both the book and Soldiers of Love revolves around ten elements: Peace, Security, Freedom, Democracies, Prosperity, Spiritual Harmony, Racial Harmony, Ecological Harmony, Health, and finally, Moral Purpose and Meaning (doing the right thing with regard to word and deed). (p. 13) The book also adds in a final section titled “Individual Paths to Heaven on Earth.”

The reader will note the contributing authors read like a heavyweight of winners. No surprises that President Obama and Past President George Bush both have contributions under Democracies, and of course Al Gore submitted under Ecological Harmony. Yet actor Mike Farrell contributes to Spiritual Harmony; and Chef Paul Prudhomme writes in the Freedom section (understandably with a title of “The Lost Art of Family Meals.” All of the articles are definitely uplifting.

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