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Experience and Qualifications versus Issues

I deeply believe that Republicans like President Reagan are part of a wholesome, prosperous and bright future for America and the world.  I honestly tell all sorts of people that he has been the greatest President in my lifetime.

We need Republicans and Democrats to make our republic work.  Civility between the parties is also direly needed, not just between elections but during them.

Elections should not be a shortcut or character assassinations.  Also, issues should not be dominant. The experience and qualifications of candidates should overshadow issues – especially not vote-getting premises of more government aid.  Our aid, other developed countries and some other nations have national debts, entitlement and such that imperil not only their own nation, but the whole world.

President Reagan provided superb leadership in a time such as this.  Such leadership is sorely needed now.    My hope and prayer is that Republicans can gain House and Senate seats this year and win the Presidency in 2016.  It will be none too soon.