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World Order by Henry Kissinger: My Summary

Henry Kissinger served as Secretary of State under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and advised many other presidents on foreign policy. His book contains a wonderful assemblage of information and wise analysis, culled throughout his lifetime, about history and worldwide current events. He even explains modern technology, from nuclear weapons to cyberspace warfare. For me, it took ardent curiosity and a quest for wisdom to read and ponder this book.

One key event in the history of world order was the Peace of Westphalia, which was negotiated in two German towns after the Thirty Years’ War (1648).  After that horrific period of war, “…the most cited diplomatic document in European history [even though]…no single treaty exists to embody its terms…The state, not the empire, dynasty, or religious confession, was affirmed as the building block of the European order.”  Kissinger stated that “the universal relevance of the Westphalian system derived from its procedural—that is, value neutral—nature.  Its rules were accessible to any country: noninterference in domestic affairs of other states; inviolability of borders, sovereignty of states; encouragements of international law.”  Basic to this peace was a balance of power between sovereign nations and groups of nations.

When he writes of America’s actions abroad, Kissinger states that “…the American vision rested not on an embrace of the European balance-of-power system but on the achievement of peace through democratic principles.” It is well known that Wilson justified America’s intervention in World War I to “to make the world safe for democracy.”  According to Kissinger, practically all of President Wilson’s predecessors would have agreed with Wilson. Only Wilson’s view was different in that he believed an international order could be possible within a single lifetime, even a single administration.

The one and only criticism I have of the book is that I believe globalization, corporations, businesses, spiritual entities, and all other forms of human entities outside of national governments, are the light at the end of the tunnel in terms of preventing wars and having a peaceful world order.  Kissinger only briefly mentions trade and globalization, and thus largely ignores organizations which are practically all over our small world and generally are not at all threatening in terms of life and property, though he does include an interesting discussion about  technology.

I look at China and the United States and firmly believe we would be military adversaries rather than peaceful trading partners without globalization and the opening of China to trade, tourism, sports and other nonbelligerent human interaction. Freedom across borders for all those entities could prevent military transgressions. If we can form relationships across borders for the various entities that I listed above, we can, in partnership with honest, capable, and wise leadership in governments, bring humanity the kind of world order that we want and need, including the necessary element of prosperity for all.

This is my brief summary of a book packed with interesting and worthwhile words of wisdom.  I highly recommend it for a thorough refinement of one’s worldview. You can find this book on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, as well as your local bookstores.

Our Country’s Bright Future

I am very optimistic that Republicans can be victorious in 2014 and 2016.  But we can’t take ANYTHING for granted.  We have a President who is a superb political hack.  He knows how to pull the emotional strings and is not concerned about the truth or consequences to America or its people – or the world.

To preserve the American dream of upward mobility for all its people, it is absolutely mandatory that Republicans are victorious in 2014 and 2016.

The mainline press won’t help us.  Many liberal universities won’t help us.

Who will?  I have faith in democracy now and, in those crucial elections, for our people to step up to the plate and discern the truth.

Right now we have 30 Republican governors and they are getting results – better education through charter schools, vouchers, etc.; fiscal sanity unlike Illinois and Detroit which have been governed by the folk heroes of the Democrats, and on and on.

I am impressed by Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, having read his book “Unintimidated” once – word for word – and reviewing it multiple times.

From it I hear the voice of my lifetime’s greatest President, President Ronald Reagan.  Not only does he communicate quite well; he has a vital grasp of local, Wisconsin and national affairs.

He doesn’t have the title of “community organizer” in his resume, but he has a whole lot more important experience – things that are intensely relevant to our future.

But now is now.  We must elect Republicans at all levels – state legislators, governorships, other state offices, Senators, and Congress persons in 2014.  We must take back our government from the liberals who are wrecking us domestically and internationally.

I’ll never forget how at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 they booed God, more than once.  So, how could 2,000,000 Republicans stay home – on Election Day?  Shame!  Shame!  Shame!

The reality of the global financial situation is perilous and we have a President who is incoherent in his foreign policy.

Republicans must strike now in 2014 and again in 2016 to allow us to lead – economically as well as militarily – to allow us to reach toward Heaven on Earth.

The cynics will not understand the positive possibilities of the future.  It is up to the healthy skeptics and the pragmatists to understand the wonderful outlook – if we vote and support good government and sound fiscal policies and a whole lot more good things from the Republicans at all levels.

Out of the 20th Century and Into the 21st Century

 I believe we should not respond immediately to the Syrian chemical genocide, but instead position such forces as necessary and await the next move of that terribly selfish and misguided dictator–Assad.  All the world citizens–including Assad himself–should realize chemical warfare or any violent actions other than self defense are outdated in the twenty-first century.
    Primitive notions of dictators, emperors and such are a dated relic of the past.  We have huge problems to solve (such as global warming and climate change, huge debts and obligations and terrorism).  Coping with civil war and chemical warfare should not be part of today’s human equation.
    World citizens arise–not with violence, but with the wrath of indignation to those who lack a worthwhile respect for other world citizens.
    Values, values, values; positive ones are critical while banishing the negative ones.  It’s a matter of life and death in Syria and other parts of the world right now.