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An Optimist’s View of the Role of Humanity

The role of each of us and all of us is to take an honest, deep, continuing look within and without to all, for the betterment of ourselves, others, and the world.  This individual feat is not a one-time event.  It is part of our life journey, hopefully and prayerfully, eventually resulting in personal wisdom, a wonderful example and influence from others and steps toward Heaven on Earth.

Our planet is inhabited by humans, and what they do, one by one, million by million, billion by billion, has an enormous effect on our present and future.

In the 21st century knowledge, jobs, and people will be critical.  Unskilled jobs, worldwide, will be harder and harder to measure up to these knowledge and people-skill jobs; the good news is that I believe entrepreneurship, knowledge, and people-skill jobs can flourish and become more and more purposeful, meaningful, and appreciated.

Life is like a road, full of potholes, twists, curves, and upward and downward challenges.  There is a mystery about it beyond human understanding.  It is a matter of faith in our God-created mind, body and “little piece of God” and Almighty God.  But the fact that life is a mystery and difficult at times doesn’t mean we should “give up” seeking our calling(s) by God.  Throughout our lives our calling(s) will change, but love is the focus for it all.  Why?  Because God is Love.

We must not blame life or become victims.  We must rise up and try, try, and try to maximize our potential—for ourselves, others and God.

The reality is not that life is easy or even should be easy.  The goal of all of us is to maximize our potential, and the core of that struggle is love and faith—faith in God, ourselves and others.  Never give up to suicide, crime, or any other unworthy activity.  Of course, we are all human and imperfect in ourselves.  But we should try, try, and try to reach toward love, and eventually Heaven on Earth.

How do we do this?  Our spiritual leaders—globally for loving religions—are an important key.  These religions must emphasize that what we say and do is of primary importance, followed by our values, and then our beliefs.  I believe that too often religions tend to overemphasize beliefs to the detriment of values, but most importantly, also to the detriment of teaching the importance of what we say and do.

Each of us and all of us has a magnificent role to play in this global drama.  We all have our strengths and weaknesses, but a world full of stable, robust, and prosperous nations would be a world of permanent peace, but that’s not all.  Prosperity breeds prosperity, especially with the wonderful very real and positive force of globalization.  I am speaking of free, fair trade which will allow miracles to happen, especially in the poorer, developing nations of our world.  But it will benefit us all as we reach toward Heaven on Earth.

None of us is perfect.  But truth and wisdom are goals that we should seek, day by day, month by month, year by year.

I am an optimist at heart.


Humans Versus Technology

My calling is calling – not to dwell on what was or is, but rather on what can be.  Technology is going forward full speed ahead.  It is important that humankind grow, grow and grow in mind, body fitness and “little piece of God.”

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care that humankind does not allow technology to “outrace” us.   I just found out today that there is a robot that can outrace the fastest human on earth.  We have seen so many of the unskilled jobs erode and even more of that looms in the future.

But “knowledge” jobs and “people” jobs should do well because I just don’t envision technology “taking over our planet.”

“Big Blue” won one chess game from the world champion human, but the champion won the match.  We must all think of ourselves as in a race, not just in terms of knowledge, but in terms of wisdom and values – improving ourselves, children, spouses, and in our own way – everyone else.

We each have a role of reaching for Heaven on Earth, one by one, million by million and billion by billion.

Negative Values: Hate

Hate is the embodiment of a huge amount of anger.  Love conquers hate.  “Violence begets violence,” according to Gandhi.  Hate can and many times does lead to violence.  I say, “Kindness begets kindness.”  I’m sure Gandhi would agree with me.  Hate must be treated with compassion, understanding and a long-term effort by all, especially those closest to the person who harbors this hate.

Hate—just like all the other negative values—must be singled out by all human entities, including film, media, schools, spiritual bodies, radio, television, and on and on.  Instead of our media covering all the details of crimes, isolate the value failures—such as hate—and solve the real issue, and not just the crime.  We must conquer hate!

Positive Values: Universal Wellbeing

This particular value is not stated, to my knowledge, in the ancient books of the world’s religions.  However, I am sure it is implied.  We need to think of ourselves as world citizens along with our many other identities.  We need to cheer for all others!  We really can do this if we allow our good values to reign.  And, it is in our own best interest for wellbeing to be universal.  Universal wellbeing can help promote peace and security, as well as racial harmony, spiritual harmony and gender harmony.  It is also crucial to our health, an important element in our quest for Heaven on Earth.