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Henry Kissinger and World Order

Henry Kissinger in his book wrote about how so much information, communications, and data are spreading all over the world, including the news. He worries that wisdom is not being developed. I agree.

Having data and information at one’s finger tips on a cell phone or a computer is not the same as having it in one’s own head, analyzing it and thinking about it, perhaps over a significant period of time.

I believe that a lot of formal learning is long forgotten. But that does not mean it’s unimportant.

Learning to master a body of knowledge/facts/analysis/disciplines in itself can create confidence and motivation to learn and master new things that one encounters.

Mastering knowledge does not meaning memorizing it. It means deciding what part, if any, is important, and if so, how important. This whole process may lead to combining old and new thoughts and creating unique new analysis far from what started the process.

Positive Values: Comprehensive Knowledge

Only God has comprehensive knowledge.  However, we all possess one degree or another of humankind’s rapidly expanding body of knowledge.  But now, in the 21st century, each individual’s knowledge—and our comprehensive knowledge—must out-race the technology which is forging ahead at a rapid rate.

I think humankind can “out-race” technology, but only if we try very hard to simplify.  Our minds must not be preoccupied with mundane chatter.  We must seek truth and wisdom in order to grow.

Wisdom and Faith Will Guide Us through the Innovation Age

Wisdom and faith allow us to examine these important parts of life with healthy self-esteem and lead a purposeful, meaningful life.  Almighty God gave each of us and all of us a mind, body and little piece of God.  Pursuing wisdom-associated values allows the development of a living faith that is reflected in the way we conduct ourselves.

There is no question that technology can do enormous things in this Innovation Age and that can be quite wonderful.  Education—including wisdom tenets—can and will benefit globally from everything from inexpensive smart pads to human developments on a lifetime basis with human-friendly diagnostic type analysis.

Technology is going to keep marching on at a breaking speed.  It is critical that, on a global basis, we rapidly innovate in other areas of human endeavor in a wise way.  One of these are loving religions of the world while eliminating non-loving “religions” that pervert Almighty God’s enduring, steadfast love.

Another area requiring wise, kind innovation is in governments.  Too many developed nations—including the United States, much of Europe, Japan, even China and elsewhere—have incurred massive debts and obligations in a very foolish, short-sighted way.

This presents the world and many countries with a financial future that is like none other before.  There are 160 nations and globalizations with its interlocking economic ties can, and I think, will allow permanent peace, someday, somehow.  An evolution to a world full of stable, robust, prosperous and efficient, wisely-constructed democracies will bring the permanent peace humankind has always sought.

So, we must innovate in religion, government and education.  Lifelong learning is the key to the exciting future that I sincerely believe Almighty God has in mind for us.  Wisdom must be taught and sought throughout our lives.  Positive values count.  Honesty should be highly valued in all societies and is critical in the proper, efficient and astute operation of democracies.  We must cultivate a lifelong lust for learning.  Reading is all-important as is formal education.  Learning by doing is something that I have done with my writing.