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Bill Cassidy for U.S. Senate: Good Reasons for Good Government

Today I have visited the Jefferson Parish Headquarters of Dr. Bill Cassidy for the U. S. Senate.  I obtained yard signs and have worked some on the phones combining a positive message for Dr. Cassidy and explaining Landrieu’s 97% voting record with President Obama and her key vote for Obamacare – a vote that she still says she would repeat.

Her lack of regret for her Obamacare vote demonstrates her audacity and lack of genuine respect for her Louisiana constituents.

We are a “red” state, one that supports sound fiscal policies and good government in general.  Senator Mary Landrieu, who votes 91 percent with the Democrats, is simply out of step with those of us who simply don’t support those liberal Democrats, over-spending, ever increasing regulations, and laws filled with immense complexities.

According to “The Debt Bomb”, our economy is being depressed in a significant way by our national debt and entitlements.  These problems should be addressed in a kind and wise manner.

Instead, the Obama Administration is totally anti-business and either unaware or worse in terms of solving the problems of the middle class and poor.

I genuinely believe that our young people, in particular, don’t want food stamps or handouts.  What they want is the same thing that the youth in India expressed in national elections – jobs and opportunities.

Sound and good government can help to promote free enterprise which, in turn, can help the young, middle class, all of us, through prosperity.

The government doesn’t produce any widgets.  It can, through Reganist policies, promote prosperity.  President Reagan had a serious, effective Council on Economic Advisors and he, himself, was an economics major in college.

We are in dire need of Dr. Bill Cassidy and a host of Republicans at all levels. Jobs and opportunity, freedom and liberty – these are the stuff of the American dream.  We are in The Innovation Age and we must innovate in government and throughout our lives while preserving values that allow us to gain wisdom.

President Obama and Senator Landrieu may be likeable and good campaigners, but neither one of them is wise, something that is direly needed in Washington – now!

Vote and support Dr. Bill Cassidy for the U. S. Senate!

Bill Cassidy Has the Momentum–Keep It that Way!

The momentum of the Mary Landrieu versus Bill Cassidy, M.D. campaign apparently has shifted toward Congressman Cassidy, M.D., a serious, educated, honest, wise, and capable public servant.  He’s ahead in the polls, money, and recent money raised, and he’s not a close associate of President Obama.  This is in contrast to Senator Landrieu, who has a $2.5 million home in Washington, D.C., leading to questions as to where she really lives (Washington, D.C. or Louisiana).
Senator Landrieu votes with the democrats (91 percent), President Obama (97 percent), and cast a deciding vote in allowing Obamacare.  Bill Cassidy opposed vigorously Obamacare, and stands by his decision after being able to read it completely.
When elected as a senator, Bill Cassidy could swing the senate to a republican majority, a critical need during the last two years of President’s Obama’s second term.  Senator Landrieu would perpetuate the incompetence and worse of the Obama Administration.
Do we want a senator with the intelligence, persistence, wisdom, capability, and honesty of Bill Cassidy?  Or do we settle for democratic politics as usual, full of taxing and spending as our national debt spirals upward and Senator Landrieu acts like she has a blank check book?
Fiscal responsibility is important, individually, and especially at all levels of government, including the federal government.  If we want the standard of living to rise in Louisana–and the rest of our beloved nation–we must realize that entitlements can’t be supported with runaway spending like Senator Landrieu has and will support (as she has her whole career).
Let’s increase the momentum and elect Bill Cassidy, M.D. in a telling blow against the worst president in my lifetime and perhaps the entire history of our country.
We each have an important role to play in changing history by voting for Bill Cassidy.  We can!  We must!
All this is especially critical for the middle class and poor–the ones that have been devastated by the Obama Administration supported by Senator Landrieu (97 percent).