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Congressman Bill Cassidy for U.S. Senate

Bill Cassidy, The Right Doctor at the Right Time

Congressman Bill Cassidy is a medical doctor, one who still sees patients when possible. His health care calling—a pursuit that I genuinely admire and respect—is very noble because it helps people in an extremely vital manner. Let’s review some of the history of this kind gentleman who imparts a gracious bedside manner:

Ø  He’s 57 years young, trim, and ready for the United States Sentate in so many ways.

Ø  Received his B.S. degree in 1979 from LSU.

Ø  Received his M.D. from LSU School of Medicine in 1983 (then practiced full-time for twenty-five years).

Ø  In 1998, he helped form a clinic that still provides low-income families with free dental, medical, mental, and vision care, through an innovative “virtual” approach that partners needy patients with doctors who provide care free of charge.  This long history of kind service demonstrates his commitment as a doer, rather than mere rhetoric.

Ø  After Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, he led a group of health care volunteers to provide health care to victims of this calamity.

Ø  Partly due to this experience, he sought, and was elected to the Louisiana State Senate in 2006 as a Republican, where he served for about three years.

Ø  On November 4, 2008, he was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, where he has served until now (just about six years). He is now more than ready for the U.S. Senate.

Ø  In the House, he opposed Obamacare vigorously, and in the Senate he will work to repeal it and replace it with kind, cost-effective, efficient healthcare. This work can only be done by Dr. Cassidy and the few other doctors in the Senate who have the depth of knowledge to work to enact a remedy to this failing Democratic Party monstrosity, with the goal of making excellent health care available to all.

Ø  He supports the Keystone XL Pipeline, which will provide thousands of good-paying jobs and opportunities for Louisianans and others throughout our nation.

Ø  He is opposed to out of control federal spending and seeks to lower taxes, particularly for small businesses and families.  He believes in sustainable safety nets.

Ø  He is passionate about improving education.

Ø  He was instrumental in reforming our nation’s flood insurance program and coastal restoration.  This is a key to New Orleans’s long-term, and the rest of Louisiana’s, survival and is one of his top priorities.


Dr. Cassidy’s wife is a retired doctor who is now in the process of forming a public charter school focusing on children with dyslexia.  She had a wonderful career, including Chief of Surgery at Earl K. Long Medical Center (1990-1992) and private practice, specializing in the treatment of breast cancer (1992-2006).  This outstanding couple has three children.

Dr. Cassidy has been a public servant all his life, as a doctor, state congressman, and federal congressman, and has served those of us in Louisiana and the nation with kindness, professionalism, compassion, empathy, honesty, and an ever increasing wisdom that makes him so special and ideal at this time.

Bill Cassidy Has the Momentum–Keep It that Way!

The momentum of the Mary Landrieu versus Bill Cassidy, M.D. campaign apparently has shifted toward Congressman Cassidy, M.D., a serious, educated, honest, wise, and capable public servant.  He’s ahead in the polls, money, and recent money raised, and he’s not a close associate of President Obama.  This is in contrast to Senator Landrieu, who has a $2.5 million home in Washington, D.C., leading to questions as to where she really lives (Washington, D.C. or Louisiana).
Senator Landrieu votes with the democrats (91 percent), President Obama (97 percent), and cast a deciding vote in allowing Obamacare.  Bill Cassidy opposed vigorously Obamacare, and stands by his decision after being able to read it completely.
When elected as a senator, Bill Cassidy could swing the senate to a republican majority, a critical need during the last two years of President’s Obama’s second term.  Senator Landrieu would perpetuate the incompetence and worse of the Obama Administration.
Do we want a senator with the intelligence, persistence, wisdom, capability, and honesty of Bill Cassidy?  Or do we settle for democratic politics as usual, full of taxing and spending as our national debt spirals upward and Senator Landrieu acts like she has a blank check book?
Fiscal responsibility is important, individually, and especially at all levels of government, including the federal government.  If we want the standard of living to rise in Louisana–and the rest of our beloved nation–we must realize that entitlements can’t be supported with runaway spending like Senator Landrieu has and will support (as she has her whole career).
Let’s increase the momentum and elect Bill Cassidy, M.D. in a telling blow against the worst president in my lifetime and perhaps the entire history of our country.
We each have an important role to play in changing history by voting for Bill Cassidy.  We can!  We must!
All this is especially critical for the middle class and poor–the ones that have been devastated by the Obama Administration supported by Senator Landrieu (97 percent).