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Keys to a Lasting Marriage

I ponder many aspects of life, including romantic love. We often think that romantic love can lead to marriage.  But in reality, the relationship must be much more than emotional if the union is to be stable and truly a loving marriage that last until parted by death. I believe that strong marriages require respect and admiration; it is also important to have similar values and spiritual beliefs (though respecting different believes can also yield a strong bond). Finally, a couple should be compatible and loving, showing kindness toward one another at all times. The formula may seem complicated in a way; yet I think it comes naturally when you have met someone with whom you are truly compatible.

It is important, however, to not just be guided by that feeling of “being in love.”  Love is certainly important, but admiration and respect are essential for a lasting marriage. So many of my married friends who have been married for decades tell me, “You have to work at it.”  To make marriage work, respect, admiration, and love have to engender practical day-by-day actions in marriage. That often means articulating and showing your partner these feelings. Do not take one another for granted, but rather, give freely of your respect, admiration, and love!

You, your loved ones, and the rest of humanity are in this together. We should strive on a daily basis to live life with joy—for ourselves and others.


Contemplating Our Purpose in Life

Our purpose is first to take care of ourselves in mind, body and “little piece of God.”  If we don’t do that, we can’t help our families, others and God.  This requires self-discipline and the mutual respect between others and ourselves.

The realities of life can range from joy to sorrow and from triumphs to failures.  The poem, “If,” by Rudyard Kipling captures the feelings of this moment in much more articulate fashion than I can.  Truth and wisdom is so important for us individually and collectively.

My therapist told me years ago that my gift was making things simple.  That’s a wonderful compliment partly due to the source, but also due to the content.  Making things simple while still accumulating the essence of them really is a gift.  Thank You, Dear God.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  Part of that journey must include somehow overwhelming the radical Muslims and all other violent people.  Terrorism and crime must become completely absent from our lives.  Only God can guide us along this path toward Heaven on Earth.

I don’t ever foresee the world becoming a “playground.”  But I do see a joy running through our lives with the ups and the downs until we finally reach the Spiritual Age and God promotes and allows love to completely prevail.

Getting Personal

Spiritual and intellectual public service and charitable types of achievements are so important to me.  I would like a third wife to accompany me in the great adventure I see ahead for me, but that, of course, is up to her partly and God. I put myself in the arms of our Loving God and pray not only for myself, but for America and its people as well as all world citizens, one and all.

Yes, I want my life to count.  There is a hero in each of us and all of us and now is the time for that genuine, deep and gracious quality to allow us to do our best, for ourselves, families and others.

Gandhi and I agree, as he said, “Violence begets violence.”  But I believe – and I would think Gandhi would agree – that “kindness begets kindness.”

Our lives are meant to go beyond the superficial and hedonic, although good clean fun helps us along life’s journey. Love in all its manifestations is so necessary for a complete life.  I think of my love for my daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren; the rest of my family, friends, Americans, and all world citizens.  It’s not a superficial or passing fancy; it’s a real and abiding part of me.

Of course, I humbly offer my love to God in thanks for my life and all – I said all – of it.  I accept the disasters of my life and plan to reach for triumphs in the future.

Starting 2015 with Kindness

Henry James, American Author (1843-1916), wrote the following, which I keep on my desk: Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.

Kindness to ourselves and others requires self-discipline. We can be—and often are overly—critical to ourselves and others. My belief that, “God made each of us and all of us with a mind, body, and ‘little piece of God’ since the dawn of humankind,” can be the fundamental rational for this exercise of genuine compassion, inwardly and outwardly.

A wonderful way to start and finish 2015 is to practice kindness, compassion, love, empathy, and a real day-to-day respect for humankind, the earth, and God.

I wish everyone joy, cheer, and a life overflowing with kindness in 2015 and onward toward Heaven on Earth.

What is the meaning of life?

I think that I will label myself “spiritual and respectful of all loving faiths.”  I like “faiths” rather than “religions.”  My concept of faith encompasses Almighty God and that “little piece of God” within each of us and all of us.  What is the reality of life?  Is it service?  Is it love to one’s fellow humans?  Is it a search for truth within one’s self, others and everything else?  I think it’s all of these things and much, much more.

Love and Joy

Life at its fullest must encompass a pursuit of maximization of one’s potential.  None of us can actually attain that lofty goal, but trying can bring satisfaction.  Now joy in life needs love, too.  We need to love others and receive love from others.  Those who are most fortunate achieve lasting romantic love.

Navigating toward the Wisdom-Associated Values and away from the Negative Values

We either navigate the Innovation Age with the wisdom-associated values while learning to shun the negative values or America and the world are going to suffer greatly.  At least in America, we still have a stable and robust democracy (while not prosperous) and, as Abraham Lincoln stated, “The ballot is stronger than the bullet.”

There is no doubt that the world needs love.  Lover overpowers hate, revenge, envy, greed, and selfishness—the negative values.

We each have our mind, body, and “little piece of God.”  This third aspect of each of us is what guides us toward the wisdom-associated values, as well as love.  We should nurture ourselves, in mind, body, and “little piece of God,” so that we can overcome the negative values as we move through the Innovation Age to the Spiritual Age.

Life is Really All about Love

I deeply believe that what counts with God is what we say and do.  Of course, we are imperfect beings, but our challenge is to improve and seek truth and wisdom.

I just finished reviewing my most recent book, “Glimpses of Heaven on Earth,” for the thirteenth time after reading it from cover to cover twice – not counting the times I read the manuscript prior to publication.  In short, the more I read, it, review it – the more I like it.  No doubt, it is an ambitious work.  Also, there is a definite spiritual nature to it.  The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care to guard that time ahead – everything from high national debts and entitlements in the developed world to coming to grips with radical Muslims whose “faith” is based on hate rather than love, so it doesn’t come from God.

I do not underestimate the difficulties in maneuvering from The Innovation Age to The Spiritual Age – Heaven on Earth.  But I also have a deep faith in a verse in the Bible, “For God, all things are possible.”

There’s a song that I think about from time to time – “What’s it all about, Alfie?”  The conclusion of the song is absolutely correct in my opinion – that love, true love, is what it’s all about.  It’s a beautiful rendition of wonderful music that can and does tug at our hearts in a very deep level.

Marriage: Mutual Admiration, Respect, and Romantic Love

I believe that there are three very important elements which must be present in order for a marriage to work: mutual admiration, respect and romantic love.  Shared values can support mutual admiration and respect.   I also believe married couples ought to be best friends.  In addition to their romantic, physical love for each other, they should also genuinely like each other.

I’ve spoken with many long-time married couples—some married fifty-plus years—who are still happy with their union.  A lot of them say, “You have to work at it.”  So, perhaps, relationships can progress even when mutual admiration, respect and romantic love do not occur at the same time, if both partners are committed and very willing to work at it, in order to firmly develop all of these elements.

The road to a joyful, fruitful, meaningful, purposeful, enduring and everlasting loving marriage is not without bumps along the way.  Both partners should keep fit in mind, body and their “little piece of God” in order to maintain their mutual respect, admiration and romantic love.  That often requires self-discipline and delayed gratification.

The wisdom-associated values about which I have often written can deepen each individual’s character and help a marriage to flourish.  However, the negative values of selfishness, hate, revenge, greed and envy can negatively impact a person’s relationships.  Therefore, working on eliminating these from your life will benefit yourself and your loved ones, particularly your spouse (or future spouse).

Thoughts on Love

Love is what we all seek, and deep down, want to give.  That is the wonderful glow emitting from committed couples.  I can’t say how many really long-term marital partners I have seen who told me, “You have to work at it.”  I think that’s a very true statement.  The emotion of love is quite exciting.  But that alone is not enough.  Mutual respect and admiration, along with other important “matches,” such us values, are critical to a long-term, enduring, inspiring, joyful marriage.