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Innovation in Government

I frequently think about how important it is to America and the world that WI Governor Scott Walker be elected president in November, 2016, and assumes control in a fair, kind, and competent manner immediately upon assuming office. I believe in innovation in government–and in all other facets of life.

I believe too much emphasis is placed on issues – which change in the future.  Results in one’s career, honesty, capability, and wisdom are the critical character qualities that will make Scott Walker such an outstanding president. Scott Walker has proven courage, leadership, and innovation.  It makes him stand out and offer us a unique opportunity in 2016 in America.

Having won three gubernatorial elections in four years in a blue state that President Obama carried in 2008 and 2012 means Scott Walker connects with people—all sorts of people, but, most importantly, people who recognize results.

We are in The Innovation Age and we must innovate in government – like Governor Scott Walker has done in Wisconsin and could do so much more at the federal level.

The march is on until November 4, 2016 and January 20, 2017.  In my opinion our nation is in jeopardy until then, with President Obama and his supporting Democrats.  We are now in jeopardy with President Obama and the other Democrats, especially the ones who don’t understand or care about the debt, entitlements, and the student debt crisis in America. At the same time, similarly heavy burdens exist in Japan, Russia, Argentina, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, and elsewhere are pressing down on the middle class – and direly affecting the whole world.

President Reagan got results – economically and in terms of freedom and democracy so much around the world.  I deeply believe that Scott Walker – as our president – could and would innovate in a way that will be superb – bring about results that can and will move us toward Heaven on Earth: peace and security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, gender harmony, racial harmony, spiritual harmony, ecological harmony and health, as well as moral purpose and meaning.

But Scott Walker can’t do it himself.  We must all help, one by one, million by million, billion by billion. In America we must rise in a peaceful, yet strong manner, to oppose President Obama during the rest of his term.  He is not on our side.  He is doing everything he can to weaken America militarily and economically.  We must oppose him in every way.

The Amateur: Barrack Obama in the White House

The Amateur:  Barrack Obama in the White House

by Edward Klein

Review by John E. Wade II

Truth-seekers of all political strips should find this book enlightening and a page-turner.  This New York Times#1 bestseller is based on almost two hundred interviews with people in and out of the White House, and some back to President Obama’s earliest days in Chicago.  Through these interviews “The Amateur” emerged:  a person without the ability to manage government, who isn’t joyful about his position, and who repeats the same mistakes, not growing but merely surviving until the next election.

Klein’s key conclusion is that President Obama has a mindset and temperament that make him ill-suited to be chief executive and commander in chief of the United States.  Obama is one who is quick to attack and blame Washington, the Republicans and the media.  He also dismisses long-standing friends and supporters when they are of no further immediate use to him.  But despite his lack of pleasure with his job, he clings desperately to the narcissistic life of the presidency.

This picture of Obama varies greatly from the “… centrist, post-partisan leader” that his image-makers have tried to create, to the young, articulate man who was elected, who presented himself “… as a new kind of politician, a peacemaker, a mediator, and a conciliator who promised to heal the rift between red and blue America.”

The shocking truth unfolds.  One of his oldest Chicago acquaintances told the author, “Ever since I’ve known him, Obama has had delusions of grandeur and a preoccupation with his place in history….  He is afflicted with megalomania.”

This sheds light on Obama, who began his autobiography at age thirty before he had any deeds to tout, and, as a junior senator, started plotting a route to the hardest job in the world.

The person quoted above also said, “You can explain it with any number of words:  arrogance, conceit, egotism, vanity, hubris….  But whatever word you choose, it spells the same thing—disaster for the country he leads.”

Note the largest part of the disaster.  Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (the top military figure) under President Obama, on June 24, 2010, said “Our national debt is our biggest security threat.”

Klein explains that Obama is actually in revolt against the values of the country he was elected to lead.  He rejects that America has a special place in the world.  That is why he has thrashed capitalism tempered by democracy, demonized the wealthy, and identified with the Occupy Wall Street protestors.

Obama is sorely lacking as a president, especially with regard to our economy.  He is a political scientist by college training.  He wants a second term out of ego, not out of the joy of serving and making our country strong—economically and militarily—a force for good in the world as President Reagan so ably promoted.

And, thankfully, we have a choice—Governor Romney, who reminds me of President Reagan.  Romney knows why jobs are created and why they are lost.  Unlike Obama, he has deep business and investment experience.  He and a host of Republicans at all levels can address this Innovation Age with fruitful changes within our government.

The author interviewed David Scheiner, M.D., who was Obama’s personal physician for twenty-two years, from the time Obama was a community organizer until he became president.  The doctor was a liberalwho believed in socialized medicine.  The doctor said Obama made no secret with him that he was for the type of socialized medicine practiced in Canada and Western Europe.

But given this apparent agreement between the doctor and patient, Scheiner said of Obamacare, “… I can’t see how it can work….  There would be no effective cost control in his program….,” and “… it’s going to be incredibly expensive.”

Steve Jobs said, “It’s not about charisma and personality; it’s about results.”  Klein heads a chapter with this quote and it is quite telling.  Steve Jobs was highly successful with tremendous growth, yet Obama’s influence on our economy and elsewhere has had dismal results.

Obama taught at Chicago Law School, and was a charismatic figure with students.  The man who hired Obama said that Obama could excite students, but it was “… quite another thing to be a leader—to hire people, motivate people and manage decision-making.”  No experience in law school prepared Obama for leadership.  On the other hand, Romney has eight years of business consulting, was co-founder and head of Bain Capital for fifteen years; saved the 2002 Olympics from scandal and money problems, and as governor of Massachusetts turned a $650 million currentdeficit and projected $2-$3 billion deficit in a $23 billion annualbudget into a $100 million surplus.

Romney is all about results.  Obama is all about Obama.

After his presidential election Obama dropped a number of friends and supporters.  One quote was, “Barrack is not necessarily known for his loyalty.”  Another quote is even more telling: “What you have with Barrack Obama is a lack of character.”

Perhaps the one figure who can explain Obama’s leftist mindset is the person who was so dangerous to his election that he had to be hidden in 2008, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.  Wright had more than a twenty-year relationship with Obama, serving as a father figure, a political motivator, but also an adamant proponent of black liberation theology.  This sounds extreme—that it explicitly called for Marxism—but father/son talked about it and Wright preached about it.  Klein points out how Obama espouses Wright’s Marxist ideology when he says, “I think when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

This is definitely contrary to capitalism tempered by democracy that has served our nation so well, so long.  Romney and Republicans believe in free-market capitalism within the framework of our robust, stable democracy.

The economy, the economy and the economy are the biggest issues in this election.  Yet Obama’s mindset is grounded in Marxism, a system that is foreign to America and disproved by the rot and failure of Communism.

Obama’s supreme egotism drove him to believe that he could be a transformational president in our foreign and domestic policy in spite of his lack of preparation for even lesser goals.  After the election, he told his chief political strategist, David Axelrod, “I’m looking forward to it.  I think it’s going to be an easier adjustment for me than the campaign.  Much easier.”

On June 30, 2009, Obama revealed his plans to nine prominent, liberal historians in a private, secret dinner.  He told them he intended to make permanent peace in the Middle East, talk constructively with Iran and North Korea, revolutionize our healthcare and energy policies, and regulate the American economy to create “… a more just and equitable society.”  He believed he could accomplish these enormous goals, according to the book, simply by the force of his personality.

Klein wrote, “Unintentionally, Obama revealed the characteristics that made him totally unsuited for the presidency and that would doom him to failure,” citing his “…extreme haughtiness and excessive pride, his ideological bent as a far-left corporatist, and his astounding amateurism.”

Obama micro-managed foreign policy as had no president since Richard Nixon, except with far worse results because of his extreme lack of experience and unwillingness to seek advice inside or outside his administration.

Compounding his problems was the fact that his senior people proved to be just as inexperienced and inept as Obama.  His inner circle knew how to campaign, but, just as Obama, were lost regarding the art of governing, and at least partially because of the lack of leadership from Obama, they kept making the same mistakes.

The secret dinner showed “… that Barrack Obama didn’t have the faintest idea

1) who he was, 2) why he had been elected president, and 3) how to be commander in chief and chief executive of the United States of America.  In short, he didn’t know what he didn’t know.”

Romney is a leader, totally suited for the presidency in academic training, business experience and leadership, as well as gubernatorial success.  He’s a person who is much more in touch with himself, his family, his church and most pertinently, our country

During the dinner with historians, Obama said he favored “… a corporatist political system … managed by big employers, big unions, and government officials through a formal mechanism at the national level … state capitalism.”

Chicago, which has a long history of corruption, is where Obama evolved into his political self.  Both his wife, Michelle, and his senior advisor, Valerie Jarrett, worked for Mayor Daley’s political machine.

Obama is a merciless attacker who can and has been effective in campaigning, but lacks the executive and managerial abilities and mindset to govern, most disastrous in handling our economy.  Deficits have run $1.3 trillion, and Obama has missed opportunity after opportunity to address unsustainable spending and entitlements.  And he is totally out of touch with reality regarding a tax remedy in this weak economy.  Additionally, he has and will pile on more and more productivity-draining regulations.

He fumbled around with the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.  Even though I believe in universal health care, I think his massive Obamacare spells trouble if not repealed.  His way is the wrong way pushed through by Obama and a large Democratic Congress.

Obama has been touted as a great orator and even compared to the “Great Communicator,” Ronald Reagan.  That’s much less so now.  In his first address to Congress in 2009, 52.3 million people watched, whereas his 2012 address had only 37.8 million viewers, out of 114 million taxpayers.

Obama just doesn’t have the personality or temperament to be president.  And he has some odd, mistaken opinions that don’t square with the history and values of the American people.  For instance, Klein writes, “He [Obama] believes that he was chosen as president to save a wayward America from its dependency on free market capitalism.”  This mindset led him to far-left, unaffordable policies such as Obamacare and Wall Street bailouts, instead of seeking Reaganite-type solutions to put people back to work.

This may sound catty, but the facts in the book supported by almost two hundred interviews reveal that not only is Obama an amateur who doesn’t learn, but he runs every decision by Valerie Jarrett.  This is a person who was and is not qualified to be such an advisor (according to the interviews), but is also one who shields the thin-skinned Obama from anyone who might criticize him.  Also, “Only the people she feels she can control can get in.”

So, you have a president who is an amateur who is so egotistical that he doesn’t seek advice, and he has a gate-keeper who also keeps him from growing in the job that he doesn’t enjoy.

Now I don’t like to criticize the First Lady, but the book reveals that she has been behind some of his most dramatic actions, such as Obamacare.  Michelle’s attitude of pushing for “fairness” stems from her father’s necessity to soil his hands in Mayor Daley’s machine to maintain his modest job.

Now there’s nothing wrong with fairness or modest means, but this previously-unseen influence has been forceful.  The author said that, “Everyone in Michelle’s family is afraid of her.”  One of the sources said, “Barrack has always listened to what she had to say.”

Surprisingly, Obama has no close relationships in Congress, even among Democrats.

The book goes into some detail of how Obama and his gatekeeper abandoned two of his most important supporters in the 2008 election:  Oprah Winfrey who called Obama “The One,” and Caroline Kennedy, who “… can’t stand to hear his voice anymore.”

In 2008, seventy-eight percent of the Jewish electorate voted for Obama.  According to a poll quoted in the book, American Jews’ approval of Obama has fallen to fifty-four percent.  Why?  Partly because of his adversarial attitude toward business persons and Wall Street.  But the major travesty from the Jewish point of view has been Obama’s rough treatment of Israel.  Some suspect that Obama took to heart his minister’s (Reverend Wright) anti-Semitic frequent rantings from the pulpit.

Obama’s first foreign trip as president was to three Muslim countries:  Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.  “Nowhere in his Cairo speech did Obama mention the fact that Jews had a three-thousand-year history in the Promised Land.”

One journalist, Richard Chesnuff, said, “In my opinion, Obama’s problem in dealing with the Arab-Israeli conundrum doesn’t come from the advice he’s gotten from his advisors, but rather from his one-man style and his inflated view of his own leadership talents.”

Obama has been over his head in the Middle East as elsewhere.  A fundamental fact that has eluded him was expressed by Nobel Laureate and Holocaust survivor, Elie Wiesel who said, “… Jerusalem is above politics” and wrote, “It is mentioned more than six hundred times in Scripture—and not a single time in the Koran.  Its presence in Jewish history is overwhelming.”

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (1996-1999 and 2009-present) had taken undeserved abuse from Obama and his administration until July, 2010 when, “As the TV cameras recorded the scene, Netanyahu wiggled his finger under Obama’s nose and lectured the president on the Middle East.  Obama sat there, saying nothing and looking like a weak, immature schoolboy.”  Despite Obama’s foreign policy emphasis and extreme personal attention, Arabs still don’t agree that Israel has a right to exist, sixty-two years after the nation was formed.

Another group that has been disappointed with Obama is black Americans, especially small businessmen and the unemployed.  Harry C. Alford, the president and CEO of the National Black Chamber of Commerce said, “… here we were with the first black president who deliberately discriminates against small business, women, and minorities.  How ironic!”

Obama has strayed from a foreign policy that has been in effect for decades among Democrats and Republicans that “American power is generally a force for good in the world.”

Obama’s on-again, off-again response to the Arabs Spring displayed his amateur status and contributed to the perception that he lacked courage, convictions and dependable leadership.

Some presidents are simply suited for that office:  George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower and Ronald Reagan.  In my opinion, Obama was not suited for the presidency in 2008 or now and he has repeatedly proved that over his whole term.

The liberal media should be ashamed of themselves, for the book says Romney “… will not only have to run against Barrack Obama in 2012, he will also have to run against the full force and power of the liberal mainstream media and cultural establishment.”

Obama has been the most left-leaning president in our history, and everything from our economy to foreign relations has suffered direly from his egotistical, amateurish presidency.

His worst performance was in surrounding himself with neo-Keynesian economists who spent enormous sums on ill-advised and ineffective stimuli, not to mention the other government waste, about $1.3 trillion a year as Obama spent, spent, spent.

Democrats no longer have their dominant political affiliation in eighteen states since 2008 when Republicans increased their advantage by six states.  Key factors in the 2012 election are that Obama:

  • has a much less favorable environment than he did in 2008 when Republicans were unpopular
  • unemployment is about eight percent, with the economy growing an anemic two to three percent
  • a national debt of around $16 trillion, increasing about $5 trillion under Obama
  • Obamacare includes more than a trillion dollars in new healthcare costs and imposes a 4.5 percent tax increase
  • his stance on illegal immigration, which has varied widely between quick deportations—4 00,000 illegal foreigners per year the last three years—to essentially an amnesty policy.

Edward Klein built a solid case, exposing the incompetence of Obama, his closest advisors and his administration in general.  He has exposed “The Amateur,” answering the questions of many who have been wondering what went wrong to this person who ran such a masterful campaign in 2008.

Thank God we have Mitt Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels as we exercise our right to vote on November 6.

We are in the Innovation Age, so let’s innovate in our government.

Obama’s America

Obama’s America:  Unmaking the American Dream

by Dinesh D’Souza

Review by John E. Wade II

With comments on 2016:  Obama’s America, a film based on the books The Roots of Obama’s Rage andObama’s America, both also by Dinesh D’Souza



This book and the movie have convinced me at long last that President Obama is not merely incompetent and irresponsible, but that he has a hidden agenda.

We are all products of our DNA and our past, and President Obama is no exception.  He was fed a steady diet of anti-colonialism and anti-Americanism from the time of his birth until he became president.  Since assuming office he has attacked our country by increasing our national debt dangerously to $16 trillion and weakened us militarily and as a force for good in the world.

I believe his reelection will result in a worldwide depression with disastrous effects on jobs and businesses of all sizes.  According to D’Souza this is President Obama’s intent, to bring down America to the level of third world countries.

The book methodically explains President Obama’s compass—an anti-colonial, anti-American world view.  He says that “anti-colonialism is the most powerful political force in the non-Western world in the past 100 years.”  He shows how anti-Americanism was derived from this concept.

The rationale of these anti-Western views is that rich countries became wealthy not from their own productivity and ingenuity, but rather from exploiting poor countries.  Now the “exploitation” is economic in nature carried out on a global scale by banks, insurance companies, oil companies and so forth.  President Obama subscribes to this radical and, in my opinion, totally false philosophy.

President Obama is not the typical liberal Democrat.  He does not want America to be a force for good in the world, which has been the policy of Republican and Democratic administrations since World War II.  Unlike other Democrats he does not want to increase the American pie so that there will be more for all.  He wants to pull America down and he’s doing a pretty “good” job of it.

Remember these words:  Fool me once, shame on you, Senator Obama; fool me twice, shame on me, President Obama.

Members of the mainstream liberal press should be ashamed of themselves, in 2008 and certainly in 2012 when any person can see 2016:  Obama’s America and understand that President Obama is unfit for reelection.

Blacks have been hurt the worst by President Obama’s policies, as their unemployment runs about twice as high as the rate for whites.  The CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce said that it’s ironic that the first black president discriminates against minorities, women and small businesses.

President Obama campaigned and spoke of uniting the red and blue states, yet he has been the most divisive and combative president in my memory.  His policies of blocking oil drilling in the United States while subsidizing it in Mexico, Columbia and Brazil can be explained by his anti-colonial and anti-American mindset.

President Obama is a deeply flawed person, abandoned by his father before birth and his mother when he was ten years old.  His book, Dreams from My Father, shows how he idealized his anti-colonial, anti-American father through the glowing praise of his mother.  President Obama once told a reporter, “The stories I heard about my father painted him larger than life, which also meant I felt I had something to live up to.”

Actually, the future president only saw his father once when he was ten years old.  Psychologist Paul Vitz explained how absentee fathers can have a profound influence on sons, and described how World War II soldiers who were killed during the war were honored by their spouses and children.

I have come to believe that President Obama is a con man, a chip off the old block.  Obama, Sr. “… had a magnetic personality and was a great talker.”  But he was also a liar, drunkard who killed a person driving, lost his legs driving drunk, and finally killed himself driving drunk, beat his five wives and didn’t earn a Ph.D. at Harvard although he told those in Kenya that he did.  President Obama, in tears at his grave site, determined that he would adopt the good parts of his father and leave the bad behind.  Unfortunately, he did not cast off the anti-colonial and anti-American views of his father.  For “… Barrack, Sr. anti-colonialism was like a religion.”  He was also anti-Israel.  President Obama adopted his father’s stylish dressing, charismatic speaking and anti-colonialist views.

“Barrack, Sr. was indeed the dominant figure in Obama’s life, but … Ann Obama was Barrack, Sr.’s greatest disciple.”  She accepted his anti-American, anti-colonial views, and she shared those concepts with her son, creating his “lifelong obsession with the absentee father.”  Now President Obama is on a “… world stage, where his actions are shaped by years of neglect, abandonment and trauma, with consequences for America and for the rest of the world.”

In 1971 when Barrack was only ten years old he was introduced by his liberal grandfather to Frank Davis, a Communist and anti-colonialist, who influenced him until he left for college eight years later.  Davis hated Winston Churchill and to show President Obama’s adoption of Davis’s world view, he removed a bust of Churchill from the White House and returned it to Britain.

President Obama also associated with Edward Said, a Palestinian scholar at Columbia University, who is anti-American and foe of Israel.  By this time President Obama was actively seeking such influences to further cultivate his “Dreams from my Father.”

Another “founding father” in President Obama’s search for identity is Brazilian socialist and leftist Roberto Unger, who taught President Obama two courses.  But their intellectual partnership lasted long after that.  Unger was so radical that at one time he returned to Brazil to serve as a part of a socialist government, but he was too leftist for them, so returned to Harvard.  He refused all interviews during the 2008 election, realizing that he could only hurt Senator Obama’s chances of election.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright performed President Obama’s marriage and baptized his children.  His sermons which “resonated deeply with Obama” were about black liberation theology, and anti-American, anti-colonial themes, including one entitled“God Damn America!”  The liberal mainstream press and those who voted for President Obama let Obama pass these anti-American sermons off as a racial exercise.  Again, shame on the liberal mainstream press.  After a twenty-year relationship as pastor and father figure, Reverend Wright was thrown under the bus as Senator Obama marched on to the glee of the liberal mainstream press.

The most revolutionary “Founding Father” is Bill Ayers, a terrorist involved in bombing the Pentagon and the U. S. Capital.  “Obama knew Ayers quite well….”

Founding Fathers of President Obamaare not your everyday liberals, and live on in President Obama’s mind, poisoning everything from our national debt to foreign policy.

President Obama’s skill is to understand what Americans want to see and hear, on the surface oblige them while doing things totally differently.  He has played the “race” card as it had never been done previously.  I believe he’s become the affirmative action of our time.

President Obama was a community organizer under Saul Alinsky who wrote two books, Reveille for Radicals and Rules for Radicals.  His approach was “… to radicalize parts of the middle class.”  He believed the end justified the means.  Truths or falsehoods would and should be used to manipulate the middle class.

The book explains how President Obama is a bargainer, presuming whites are not racist and allowing whites to appreciate that latitude and show it.  Whites can be gleeful that they are not racist.  The problem is that news reporting and voting should not be a matter of emotion.  We should seek wise, capable and honest leaders and not be influenced by “white guilt,” hate, envy or greed.

President Obama is doing just the opposite of what President Reagan did.  President Reagan fostered tax cuts and de-regulation, opposing collectivism domestically and within the expansionist Soviet Union.  President Obama is expanding the state domestically and lowering America’s influence on the world.

Oddly President Obama has been blocking oil drilling and fracking, a new process to greatly facilitate drilling for natural gas.  This hurts us from an employment/jobs standpoint.

Some may explain this as an environmentalissue.  But the Obama administration has paid for drilling in Brazil, Columbia and Mexico.  The anti-American/anti-colonialist thesis does explain this curious double standard.

Another flagrant anti-American act was the Obama administration’s blocking of the Keystone pipeline from Canada, which would provide 20,000 new American jobs with as many as 65,000 more by 2020.

With fracking, the Keystone pipeline and other opportunities, we could “take the lead as a global energy provider.”  But President Obama wants to redistribute our wealth and opportunities and “… to check off America’s chance for energy independence.”

Under President Reagan we had peace through economic and military strength and the world progressed to greater freedom, democracy and prosperity.  We now have President Obama who considers us to be a “rogue nation.”  He had pursued peace through weakness.  His desire is for us to no longer be a superpower.  He seeks unilaterally to reduce our nuclear weapons stockpile, leaving us vulnerable to second strikes should an unthinkable, non-avoidable nuclear war take place.

Rather than using American power, as President Reagan did, for peace, democracy and prosperity, President Obama is using his own power “to make the world safe from America.”

President Obama’s anti-colonial mindset leads him to see America “… as an invader, occupier, and  oppressor that has looted Iraq and Afghanistan, while America’s ally and satellite Israel has occupied and oppressed Muslim Palestine.”  A second term for President Obama could be disastrous for Israel.

President Obama’s poor handling of Iraq has meant that our investment of blood and treasure to create a stable, robust, prosperous, peaceful, and secure Muslim democracy there has been jeopardized.

As for Afghanistan, President Obama has risked our troops by announcing withdrawal dates, subjecting our troops to “friendly” fire.  His anti-American, anti-colonial stance was evident in his own statement concerning Afghanistan:  “We stand not for empire but for self-determination.”

Our efforts in Iraq, Afghanistan and long support of Israel could all be in jeopardy if President Obama gains a second term.

As far as the Arab Spring is concerned, President Obama’s actions seem inconsistent, but in the end President Obama got what he wanted—decrease in American influence, and Muslim democracies such as Libya and Egypt becoming anti-American.  He didn’t support the failed uprisings in Iran and Syria, both being anti-American regimes.  Thus, President Obama’s approach has been to help topple pro-American dictators such as Egypt’s Mubarak and refuse to help revolts against Syria and Iran.

President Obama’s actions in the Middle East are quite consistent with a mindset of an anti-colonialist who wants to diminish America’s power and influence.  I believe these results are sad, even tragic, because a world full of stable, robust, prosperous democracies would be a world of permanent peace.  As President Reagan demonstrated, a strong America, economically and militarily, can be a force for good globally.

I believe President Obama’s most serious threat to America is in the enormous increases in our federal debt to $16 trillion.  According to “The Debt Bomb” this is already depressing our economy by twenty-five to thirty percent.  According to that book sometime in 2013 the sovereign debt requirements will be $13 trillion, and with liquid assets of only $9 trillion, interest rates will rise dramatically.  Debtor nations, such as the United States, much of Europe and Japan, will have severe problems funding their governments (See my composition on this subject on the home page).

When one considers President Obama’s mindset of bringing down the top one percent, he is speaking of those who earn about $34,000 globally.  With debt President Obama can bring us down as Germany, Japan and Italy couldn’t in World War II.

President Obama and his wife Michele tend to live like third world dictators, taking seventeen vacations as President Obama plays over a hundred rounds of golf.  Governor Romney, on the other hand, has always been a very hard worker and would certainly continue that pace in the Oval Office, seeking to restore our fiscal sanity and create jobs, growth and effective military policies.

President Reagan would agree with the kind of things Governor Romney would do as president, but he must be turning over in his grave at President Obama’s actions.

According to the book, “The most dangerous man in America currently lives in the White House.”  I agree with that statement, sadly.  The author also says, “I do think that Obama’s philosophy can be neatly summed up as:  Little America.  He wants to shrink America, to diminish America, to downsize America.”

We are for the moment a robust and stable democracy.  But our prosperity is weak and simply can’t withstand the reelection of President Obama.  Peace and prosperity can be successfully linked with a president such as Ronald Reagan or Mitt Romney.

In my vision of a Heaven on Earth (See How to Achieve a Heaven on Earth) I see prosperity as being vital in these ten elements:  peace, security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony and health as well as moral purpose and meaning.

My vision is that with the election of Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels we can avert a worldwide depression and allow America to revert to being a force for good in the world.

The Audacity of Hope

The Audacity of Hope:  Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream

by Senator Barrack Obama

Review by John E. Wade II


What is most revealing in the then-senator’s 2006 book is what is not written in its 352 pages.  The book is filled with anecdotes, demographics, reminiscences, questions and opinions, yet nowhere does the author reveal that he is a trained political scientist.  Senator Obama does not disclose that he earned a bachelor’s degree in political science, or that he has a Harvard law degree, magna cum laude.  Many parts of the book are subtle attempts to garner votes, while others are blatant ones, the whole characterized by a surprising lack of detailed biography.

I wondered about the senator’s academic background as I read his book, but I didn’t realize at that time that it was the work of a professional politician, both by training and career path.  I later pieced together the senator’s education, which began with two years at Occidental College, a liberal arts school in Los Angeles with fewer than two thousand students.  Obama was there with a full scholarship.  Through an exchange program with Occidental, after his sophomore year, in 1981 he transferred to Columbia University in New York City where, according to David Mendell inObama:  From Promise to Power, the future senator was particularly impressed by a course in modern political thought.  He graduated from Columbia in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science.

Obama wrote in his résumé that he took a job where he “… researched, wrote and edited reports and how-to manuals on international business and finance for international business and finance for multinational corporations.”  After a while, though, he became disenchanted with the job and quit.

In June of 1985, at the age of 23, Obama became a community organizer in Chicago’s South Side, the largest single concentration of blacks anywhere in the country.

Three years later, he entered Harvard Law School, older and more mature than his fellow students and more committed to his studies.  There he graduated magna cum laude and became the first black to hold the presidency of the Harvard Law Review; which included editor-in-chief responsibilities, in more than a century.  Most of the above information about Senator Obama’s past comes from Obama:  From Promise to Power by David Mendell because the senator’s book doesn’t include many key details about his background.

Following graduation from Harvard, Obama directed Project Vote! that targeted the city’s low-income blacks for the 1992 presidential election, and registered some 150,000 new voters.  After the election, he joined a twelve-attorney firm that specialized in civil rights, discrimination cases and neighborhood development in Chicago.  His Illinois law license was active for nine years, but he never handled a trial, working primarily in teams of attorneys who drew up briefs and contracts on a variety of cases.  The firm’s major appeal to Obama was Judson Miner, who had extensive political connections in Chicago, particularly in the black community.

Obama’s first run for public office was for a seat in the Illinois State Senate.  He won, taking office in January of 1997, and served almost eight years.  In late 1999 and early 2000 Obama made an unsuccessful run for the U. S. Congress.  After a campaign that included his opponent’s divorce scandal that surfaced just before the election, Obama won a seat in the U. S. Senate; he was sworn in on January 4, 2005.

The real question now, knowing Obama’s career in academia and politics, is whether the country is willing to reelect a political scientist, attorney and president (whose major accomplishment is Obamacare) for another four years.  Remember also his reckless spending and failure to address deficits, debt, taxes and entitlements.

President Obama has proven that he knows how to register voters, campaign, deliver speeches and press the flesh in a tireless, relentless, ambitious and driven manner.  He has been able to handle the public appearances required by the office.

In my opinion, the stupendous challenge over the next four years will be the economy.  President Obama has had four years of opportunity, just as President Carter did, and both of them failed to remedy the dismal pain of the American people.  Thank God, we chose Governor Reagan over President Carter, and history will show the 25-year growth ignited by Reaganomics (1982 – 2007).

The choice now before the American people is between President Obama—who who lacks academic, serious business experience, and success with our nation’s economy—and Governor Romney.  The governor earned a Bachelor of Arts in English literature at Brigham Young University and went on to become the “elite of the elite” with a law degree with honors and an MBA as a Baker Scholar (denoting the top five percent of his class) from Harvard University.

Governor Romney worked eight years as a valued management consultant, and about fifteen years as a co-founder and head of Bain Capital-where he invested in about 100 corporations, saved dozens of companies, and created or preserved thousands of jobs.  He couldn’t save them all, but when one invests in troubled companies and start-ups, one can’t expect that kind of success.  The important thing to discern from that success is that he knows business and investment in depth—how jobs are created and why they are lost.

He also saved his sister corporation, Bain and Company, when it nearly folded.  Then he saved the 2002 Winter Olympics from scandal and money problems.

Romney went on to serve as governor of Massachusetts.  When he assumed office he faced a deficit of $650 million with a projected $2 – $3 billion loss the following year in a $23 billion budget.  Through superb fiscal management—the kind we desperately need now in Washington—he brought about a balanced budget.  He also passed the nation’s first health care legislation, one that was suited for the low proportion of Massachusetts citizens not previously covered.  Through that experience he can help repeal and replace Obamacare.

One other serious issue is Afghanistan where our troops are still in harm’s way.  President Obama foolishly announced dates of withdrawal, subjecting our soldiers to “friendly” fire from Afghanistan trainees who don’t want to be considered collaborators after we leave.  In my opinion, Governor Romney will find a sensible, workable solution to this politically-motivated decision by President Obama.

Much of what President Obama wrote in his book is non-controversial and appealing to all, including Governor Romney, such as racial equality, better educational systems for all, and an improved health care delivery system.  While I’m sure that the two candidates will differ on specifics in many of the areas addressed in the book, the purpose and appeal to the reader is to show the former senator’s empathy with the electorate, not necessarily the presentation of extensive policies of how things would be accomplished.  This is unlike Governor Romney’s book, No Apologies, which presents a great number of policy statements and views.

National security and the economy are influenced by the federal government and are the two key areas facing the next president.  We have a choice between the leadership of Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans at all levels to turn around our country fiscally, educationally and with growth creating and sustaining jobs as did President Reagan or continuing on the downward path led by President Obama.

Grave Concerns about Hillary Clinton

I just finished reading two articles in The Economist about Hillary Clinton and her potential presidential campaign. I think she will have some serious issues being elected—problems that even her expected $1 billion campaign war chest won’t be able to overcome.  The most serious is that she is not trustworthy and is unlawful in her actions, with the most egregious example being her illegal “private” email system used while she served as Secretary of State.  And the worst part of that fatal flaw is that she deleted parts of it.  Her actions remind me of President Richard Nixon, though even he didn’t destroy the papers which forced him to resign.

Republicans need to over and over and over again remind the American people of her deletion.  This is certainly similar to when Arthur Anderson shredded its work papers. The public understood “shredding” and it destroyed Arthur Anderson.  The same is true of Hillary Clinton’s emails – first, having a private email system at all, and even worse, her deleting of emails that should destroy her presidential ambitions.

Clinton’s health is also a concern, considering that she has already had a serious stroke–a blood clot in the brain for which she was hospitalized for a month—I’ve been told by a very reliable source. If she were in good health and a worthy candidate like President Reagan, her age (almost the same as Reagan during his first presidential campaign) would not be relevant.  But the combination of her health questions and her less than Reagan-like leadership abilities make her a poor presidential choice.

Big ambitions and high intelligence, when the candidate lacks honesty and trust, can lead our nation further down the downward path that President Obama and his Democratic supporters have taken us. Big money must not allow Hillary Clinton to “buy” our America.

Governor Scott Walker could and would bring in a breath of fresh air and competency as an executive.  His is trustworthy and the right formula for our government. Like President Reagan, Governor Scott Walker is courageous, a leader, innovative, and so much more capable, wise and honest than Hillary Clinton.

Over and over and over, Republicans should bring up this email question.  The mainline press may ignore it, but people, along with honest (and often conservative) media must remind our citizens about that flagrant violation.

In my opinion, Secretary Hillary Clinton would be a disaster following a disaster, President Obama as the worst President in American history, followed by a person who certainly doesn’t know how to lead our nation. In fact, I predict that it wouldn’t be long before China, a non-Democratic nation, takes over our lead in the world.

Why the Reelection of President Obama has lead to the dismal state we are in

This is an opinion piece that I wrote prior to President Obama’s reelection. Certainly no one can see into the future, but I think you’ll agree that much of what I wrote has, come true.

Why the Reelection of President Obama will Lead to a World-wide Depression

I invite you to visit www.usdebtclock.org and survey our government’s current liabilities.  The figures tell a shocking story.  I implore you to return to that web site from time to time as we proceed to the presidential election in November, perhaps the most important since 1860.

According to James Baker (whom I saw on Charlie Rose), we’re “broke.”  In The Debt Bomb, Senator Tom A. Coburn, M.D. writes that “America is already bankrupt.”  Admiral Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (our top military position) under President Obama, on June 24, 2010, said,

“Our national debt is our biggest national security threat.”

That statement didn’t stop President Obama from continuing to run a $1.3 trillion budget deficit and increasing our national debt accordingly, as of August 4, 2012 more than $15.890 trillion.

There are different scenarios that may result when a nation’s debt gets out of control.  In Germany following World War I the government tried to print currency to relieve its obligations.  Hyperinflation resulted, and paper money became so worthless that some even used it to ignite fires.  The economic calamity helped pave the road for Hitler’s rise to power.  Another possibility is what has happened in Japan, where a 20-year period of low or no growth, with periods of deflation, has taken place, and the government presently has a huge debt.

Why do I believe that our economy will be part of a world-wide depression if President Obama is reelected?

First, let’s address the economics.  The United States’ economy represents about 22 percent of the world’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product, a measure of the size of an economy).  The European Union represents about 25 percent and Japan makes up about 8 percent.  Now I realize that not all the European Union countries have debt problems, but many do and there are countries outside those three mentioned that have debt problems.  So I’m saying about half of the world’s countries have severe debt problems.

The world is very interconnected now by trade, travel, transportation and communications including the internet.  If such a large part of the world can’t carry its debt and other obligations, the ripple effect will be severe.  Look at the disastrous after-shocks of the Lehman Brothers’ failure and Greece’s troubles.

About half the world, in my opinion, is very much at risk.  According to Senator Coburn in The Debt Bomb, some time in 2013 there will be about $13 trillion in sovereign debt requirements and only $9 trillion in world liquid assets to fund it.  That’s when interest rates will rise, playing havoc with debtor nations’ deficits.

The people who will be hurt the most will be the poor and middle class.

In the 2012 election President Obama represents one who increased by $5 trillion our national debt to about $16 trillion by election time.  He has had opportunity after opportunity to address the unsustainable spending and entitlement problems that are well known, yet not necessarily admitted, by almost all officials in Washington.

In 2008 Senator Obama campaigned successfully, and has been campaigning ever since, not enjoying or excelling at governing.  His personality, one of extreme egotism, conceit and narcissism, robs him of a vital necessity in a presidency—top-notch people such as President Reagan and Governor Romney always utilized.  This lack of an adequate staff and Cabinet as well as President Obama’s one-man conceited style has meant that he hasn’t grown in the office.  He repeats the same mistakes, such as his latest stimulus bill, a “jobs” bill.

His reckless spending and failure to address deficits, debt, taxes and entitlements mean his reelection would be a catastrophe for our country and the world, and a missed opportunity for a solution with Governor Romney.

Let’s hope and pray that Governor Romney prevails in November, along with a host of Republicans to assist him in a challenge that he will accept rather than dodge.

- John E. Wade II


Fiscal Conservatism vs. Taxation

Government spending comprises 28% of the GDP. Conservatives believe that is too much. Their central ideological belief is fiscal conservatism, which means smaller, more efficient, less costly government. Fiscal conservatives want government to be run more like a business. They believe government spending levels should be capped, so government cannot overspend and run a deficit, but would be required to reallocate money from existing programs or services.

What is really scaring conservatives is not the present obligations of the government but the coming costs of Social Security and Medicare, which make up two-thirds of the present government expenditures. The implosion of our auto industry is an accurate precursor of the coming financial crisis in the US. The healthcare and pension costs of GM, Ford, and the former Chrysler Corporation, are so costly that they have rendered those companies incapable of competing in the world market. The pensions and healthcare benefits costs will eventually bankrupt these companies, if another solution is not found. That is exactly what will happen to the US if we do not curtail the size of government and its spending.

Let’s focus the debate not on increasing taxes, but greater accountability of government for allocating and utilizing the tax dollars it receives more efficiently. These programs must be reformed before they cripple our economy and our government. The US government and its citizens have been spendthrifts for too long; it is time for a bit of belt-tightening. When it comes to belt-tightening and fiscal conservativeness, one ticket has proven results. Mitt Romney has a record of fiscal conservativeness and reduced government spending; Obama and Biden do not. Respectively, Romney cut Massachusetts government spending, and championed cuts in wasteful spending. Obama and Biden haven’t championed government spending cuts; rather they propose new taxes and raising existing taxes. Their answer is more spending, not less government. The American people have had enough. Used wisely, there are adequate funds for needed projects and a responsible, accountable government.

- Nall Gearheard


What is a Community Organizer?

Community Organizer – a person who unites disempowered people of low to moderate income so they act in their common self-interest, much as a union organizer.

Saul Alinsky, the legendary Chicago Marxist radical, created the term “community organizer”. Alinsky was a critic of passive, mainstream liberalism, arguing that the most effective means were whatever would achieve the ends. Community organizers use all methods at their disposal to achieve their ends, including picketing, boycotting, sit-ins, petitioning and electoral politics. If non-violent methods fail, more aggressive, violent methods may be used to influence decision makers.

Notable community organizers include: Barack Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Ralph Nader, Marin Luther King, Jr., Josef Stalin, Cesar Chavez, Saul Alinsky, and Mother Jones.

Marxism, Josef Stalin, Mother Jones, Saul Alinsky?

- Nall Gearheard

Our Current Toxic President and Hope for Tomorrow

We are in The Innovation Age and all humans and human-created entities must innovate in a positive, kind, wise manner on that beautiful journey to heaven on earth.

We’ve had a toxic president in office for far too long, with two and a half long years ahead.  He has been the most divisive president in my lifetime and he threatens America and its people in so many ways, from financial woes to foreign policy incoherence.

It’s going to be of vital importance to our American people and the world for republicans to prevail at all levels in 2014 and 2016 in order to get about doing the enormous reforms of all kinds in the wake of the democratic failures and unwillingness to address our nation’s challenges in a prudent manner.

NEEDED: Capable, Wise, and Honest Leaders

America and all nations need capable, wise, and honest leaders.  The citizens of democracies must learn to perceive such leaders—not through low information, emotional, one-issue campaigns, but rather by being astute, educated, and informed.

It’s very important to see through a candidate’s misleading statements, or their outright lies, such as President Obama has purveyed from the beginning.  We don’t want “change” and “forward” into scandals unreported by the mainstream press.  We don’t like laws like Obamacare promulgated by two-faced Senators like Mary Landrieu, a deep liberal in Washington, D. C., and another person back in Louisiana.  She’s out of touch with the people of Louisiana and she must be defeated by Bill Cassidy, M. D., who I believe is far more reliable.

We must take back our nation from these liberals – far left liberals no matter whether they call themselves “progressives” or tell us we can “keep our doctor;” say IRS emails were lost; bring chaos to our borders, harm our veterans, have accumulated phone records on everyone in America and on and on.

President Obama is intentionally harming our nation and we must retake the Senate, maintain the House and hold the line against this out of control anti-American that speaks well, but is devoid of positive leadership.  And Hillary is on the horizon.  She is a dose of more of the same.  That is my honest opinion.

Our nation simply deserves better than President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Senator Landrieu.

Our nation is under assault by an anti-American, radical leftist President and while we still have the ballot, we must use it – in Congress – House and Senate – in 2014 and in the Presidency in 2016.  My Presidential choice for the Republican Party is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  I sincerely believe he has the boldness, courage, capability, wisdom and honesty to lead us out of this dire threat to our very democracy.  And that will hurt the chances immensely to proceed in the direction of heaven on earth.

Electing wise, capable, honest leaders

All nations need capable, wise, and honest leaders.  In democracies, the citizens elect these people.  So, the electorate has a need to embody those same qualities to some extent – being capable, wise, and honest voters.

What is a wise and honest voter?  It is one who isn’t selfish, envious, greedy, hateful, or revengeful.  We must be more astute voters in 2014 and 2016, otherwise heaven on earth will be postponed indefinitely.

Dinesh D’Souza’s two movies, “2016: Obama’s America” and “America: Imagine the World without Her,” are real wake up calls.  The American voters didn’t heed my warnings in 2008 or the warnings of both D’Souza and me in 2012.  In 2014 and 2016 we must turn that far left pendulum the other way, otherwise our nation and the world is at risk financially and with more of the same in terms of wars and poverty.

It is outlandish the scandals of the Obama Administration and the extreme under-reporting of the mainstream press.  I believe that what President Obama personally dictated during the 2012 election campaign makes the actions of President Nixon pale in comparison.  And Hillary Clinton is cut in the same ultra-liberal cloth.

Voters, harness the wisdom-associated values in the upcoming elections!

America: The Movie and Country

I just saw “America” as it opened in New Orleans.  I plan to see it again and perhaps a number of times.  DeSouza does a wonderful job of laying out the myths of the liberal history of America.  That is something that needs to be done – so, please see the movie yourself before it leaves the theatres.  It is certainly more important to America and the world than almost anything else that could play at the movies.

It’s vivid.  It’s dramatic.  It’s intellectual.  But most of all – it’s true, honest and quite wise.

America, we’ve made a huge mistake by putting President Obama in the White House and re-electing him.

But we still have a stable, robust (not prosperous) democracy and we have a chance to invoke serious change.  In Louisiana we must elect Bill Cassidy, M. D., to the United States Senate this year to replace Senator Landrieu who has voted with President Obama 97 percent of the time and cast a deciding vote in the Senate to allow Obamacare.

Republicans, Independents, thoughtful Democrats, all citizens who love our nation – vote Republican at all levels in 2014.

And you can see from “America” that our nation has swung dangerously toward the left in a very unhealthy way.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must guard it with passion.  We should not take our great country for granted.