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IRS Scandal

The Wall Street Journal reports on its Opinion Review and Outlook the following:  “The IRS–remember those jaunty folks?–announced Friday [June 14, 2014] that it can’t find two years of emails from Lois Lerner to the Departments of Justice or Treasury.  And none to the White House or Democrats on Capitol Hill.  An agency spokesman blames a computer crash.”
Does anyone want to buy a bridge?  It’s sad that our federal government, in which I served honorably for twenty years, has sunk so low with this Obama Administration.  What is so bad about this IRS scandal of harassing conservative and Tea Party groups is that it may have helped President Obama with his “reelection” in 2012.
I remember how President Nixon was charged with using the IRS for political purposes.  But the things he did were minimal compared to the scale of abuse that I deeply believe President Obama personally directed.  It’s interesting that this news was disclosed on a Friday, trying to master the news cycle after much, much delay with the same purpose.
It’s high time for all the media to wake up to the corrupt nature of the Obama Administration and how it is drastically affecting our present and future.

A Missed Opportunity in Iraq

On May 25, 2011, The Wall Street Journal reported on its Opinion page about a speech that the highly respected and departing Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, made about Iraq.  Here is the final paragraph concerning Mr. Gates remarks:
“Lo and behold, Mr. Gates is saying that Iraq is that model, and that even the Obama Administration now sees a democratic Iraq as a  potential bulwark for American interests in the Gulf.  The rest of the press corps won’t acknowledge it, but Mr. Gates is more or less saying: mission accomplished.”
Now, without a stabilizing force that could have maintained the situation in Iraq, disaster is in the works.  According to The New York Times on Thursday, June 12, 2014, “Sunni militants consolidated and extended their control over northern Iraq on Wednesday, seizing Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, threatening the strategic oil refining town of Baiji and pushing south toward Baghdad, their ultimate target, Iraqi sources said.”
No matter how one views our actions in Iraq, a Muslim democratic state in the Middle East would have been very possible and certainly like night and day from what the Obama Administration has allowed to happen.  After World War II we left behind troops to stabilize the democracies in Germany, Japan, and Italy, with wonderful results.  The incompetent and incoherent foreign policy of President Obama is reprehensible.
We need leaders with enough vision to lead our military forces in thoughtful ways in order to promote freedom and democracies across the globe.

Scott Walker has the “Right Stuff” for Our Nation

I truly enjoyed my many readings of Governor Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated.  His record as Governor of Wisconsin is impressive, demonstrating strength of character and principles, innovative positive actions, wisdom, honesty, and leadership.

All in all, I genuinely believe Governor Walker has “the right stuff” for re-election in Wisconsin and a winning Presidential run in 2016.  He has both local and state experience.  He was County Executive for Milwaukee County as he was re-elected three times with larger margins of victory each time.  He also served in the Wisconsin Legislature.

He learned at the local level how destructive public unions are—willing to accept layoffs of teachers, other workers, and higher taxes, just about anything to preserve their involuntary dues income.

Federal employees have some unions, but they have much more limited powers than many state and local unions.  But federal workers receive pay and benefits 16 percent higher than comparable pay in the private sector.  I believe that as president, Scott Walker would address both pay, redundancies and inefficiencies in our federal government; there are enormous savings that could be found in that endeavor.  But it takes courage and it must be done in a kind way, with outplacement services comparable to good citizen corporations.

Courage is in short supply for so many inside the Washington beltway.  Governor Scott Walker, like President Reagan, could provide courageous leadership toward heaven on earth.

We need to increase growth and opportunity in our nation.  Upward mobility is crucial.  Education, which Governor Walker understands, is one definite key in the 21st century.  Without education, upward mobility for most is stymied.  I understand that the budget for teachers’ unions nationwide is larger than that of the Republican and Democratic Parties combined.  But when collective bargaining rights of unions are taken away, as in Wisconsin and Indiana, schools are able to be run with the primary goal of maximizing student upward mobility, not the income of union bosses.

Secretary Clinton and President Obama are creatures of union support, in effect helping to destroy the upward mobility of students all over our nation.

Unions were once needed by workers who were abused by management.  But that time was decades ago.  It is possible to have responsible unions, but the record and effect of teacher unions has been disgraceful.  In the 21stcentury we must motivate and educate all our citizens, especially our youth of all races, to attain global-type capabilities.  Unions, especially teacher unions, are the enemy of upward mobility in the United States.

Governor Scott Walker has proven through death threats and national media calling him “Dead Man Walker” that he will stand up to unions and whatever else stands in the way of our nation’s journey toward heaven on earth.  As he essentially points out in his book, he is not anti-union, but he is pro-teacher, pro-student, pro-taxpayer, and pro-good government.

He states again and again that he respects public servants who concentrate on the next generation rather than the next election.  He also explains that those persons are much more apt to win the next election.

The march to Heaven on Earth is not without its challenges.  Governor Scott Walker has faced—with determination and strength—his share and more.  And he certainly shined.  He’s needed to continue his reforms in Wisconsin in one of the 50 laboratories of our democracy.  But on January 20, 2017, I hope and pray that he will be inaugurated as a Reagan-like President of the 21st century.  I see that in him, genuinely and sincerely.

And remember the legacy of President Reagan: a growth economy which enhanced the lives of so many in the middle class, lower class mobility and everyone else, and how his adroit bargaining, economic strength and military power led to the end of the Cold War, without firing a shot.  We have some of the similar challenges now, a difficult economy, radical Muslims, and Russian expansionism.

In our democracy we each have an important role to play in terms of voters.  I hope and pray that our electorate will discern the immense possibilities in electing Scott Walker.  I genuinely, deeply believe that he has the “right stuff” to propel us toward Heaven on Earth.  He has a rich and victorious electoral and accomplishment record at the local and state level.  He hasn’t been contaminated by the Washington beltway re-election disease.  He’s a courageous leader like President Reagan.

Yes, Republican, Democratic and independent voters should try to see through the mainstream press which is likely to attempt to destroy ANY Republican Presidential candidate despite the glaring character and other flaws of Secretary Clinton.

America doesn’t need a Democratic “folk hero” in 2016 or, for that matter, in other offices in 2014.

The Importance of Fair, Just, and Lawful Democracies

Think of the two “democratic” leaders who are crucial to continued peace in Europe.  President Putin has had opponents poisoned and has impeded free press and freedoms in Russia.  And then consider our own President Obama.  He overtly used the IRS to persecute Tea Party opponents during the election year, 2012, and beyond.  And he had the gall to announce that he was going to use a pen and phone to govern–I would say violate our constitution.
    So now we have these two leaders at a crossroads in international law and Ukrainian sovereignty.  This is not the way to reach toward heaven on earth.  Constitutions and laws matter.  As one of our wise founders, President John Adams, stated, “A government of laws, and not of men.”
    I am concerned that the lack of wisdom and goodwill will eventually lead to military actions in Europe, something that the United States gave much blood and treasure to avoid, and which President Reagan, as well as President H. W. Bush, worked adroitly to avoid.
    Long-term peace and prosperity in Europe must be the goal of these flawed leaders.  There are seven billion people on our planet to consider.  Selfish, emotional and lawless acts must be avoided by all.

Thoughts on the Presidency

It appears to me that more and more people are now recognizing that President Obama is incompetent.  The major parts, though not all, of his lack of fitness for the Presidency are his liberal ideology and absence of any credible understanding of the American economy—its engine, private enterprise, business and entrepreneurial spirit.  He distrusts businesses and they certainly don’t trust him either.

The sad fact is that his Presidency will be with us for over three more years.

When the electorate picks Presidents and other candidates solely (or mostly) on the basis of race or gender, the result can very well be the lack of wise, capable and honest leaders.  In President Obama—with the liberal mainstream media carrying him—we see the disastrous result of voting which  lacked wisdom.  We can do better; and next time, we must.

ObamaCare, Incompetence, and Us

  I just read another fine article written by one of my favorite writers, Peggy Noonan (The Wall Street Journal, October 26, 2013).  Noonan explains in graphic detail how the administration had three and a half years to implement ObamaCare, and yet it is a “political disaster” with no end in sight.
    I must say, “I told you so,” in 2008 and 2012, over and over and over again.  This president and the people who closely surround him are and always have been incompetent.
    We have a fundamental problem in America:  lack of self discipline.  We want immediate gratification.  As the “Sage of Singapore,” Lee Kuan Yew, said, after World War II, Americans, and perhaps most of the developed world, decided that the government had the solutions.  Too many people–and the mainstream press too–evolved away from self reliance, resilience and even healthy eating habits to a state of advocating for the government or someone else to work out their problems.  (Follow this link to read my review of a wonderful book about Lee Kuan Yew.
    This mindframe has led to many maladies even beyond the debacle of ObamaCare, as bad as it is, and that’s terrible.  Allow me to mention one of the worst calamities we have right now–forty percent of births are now from unwed mothers.  No matter how strong and loving such a mother can be, it stacks the deck against both the mother and child.
    We must no longer look to government or celebrities for “solutions.”  We must first take an honest look at ourselves.

Our President, A Superb Political Hack

President Reagan was a superb communicator and politician, but he was also a very effective president in terms of governing–especially in regards to our economy and the world stage.
    Our current president should not–in many ways–surprise us in terms of what he does.  It is very important to distinguish between what our president says and what he does.  Right now he is playing a dangerous game.  Why can he play that game?  Because–in his heart of hearts–he really doesn’t care if the United States defaults on its debt.  This is particularly true if he discerns that he can make some sort of political capital out of this serious situation.
    Do you remember his first presidential campaign–how he spoke of change and bipartisanship?  I remember it well.  Perhaps now we are just headed forward to a depression.
    Why should we expect anything but a political hack?  After all, he was a political science major, a liberal Harvard law school graduate and a community organizer under a person who was very close to being a Communist–a very failed economic and political system.
    The reality of it all is that he wants his egotistical name on Obamacare more than he cares about one sixth of our economy, doctor-patient relationships or Nancy Peloci’s outrageous assertion the the House of Representative should go ahead and pass Obamacare so they could read the bill.
    President Obama is the closest thing to a third world dictator that our country has ever had–by far–and the liberal media has stood by and swallowed practically every word he utters–no matter how far from the truth it happens to be.  One of his latest acts of incompetency was to almost get us into a war with Syria.  Even some of his liberal backers–if they were honest with themselves–must have been taken aback at that major outrage.
    In our stable and robust democracy we must deal with this president over the next three+ years.  But we don’t–as a people–have to listen to and believe what he says from the “bully pulpit.”
    Our economy is at risk, but let’s not allow President Obama play the blame card–something he has done time and time again.  Believe me.  His words are shrewdly calculated for political effect, but they are sorely lacking in wisdom and truth–values that President Reagan supplied in spades.
    So listen, please, we must unite, Democrats and Republicans, to fashion a bipartisan solution–with or without the twisted words of our president.

A Definite Lack of Trust of President Obama

It is no secret that I have not been pleased with our current president.  However, I no longer have any trust in President Obama.
    He ran for the presidency twice proclaiming that he would end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Now–at a time when he should be pulling our military further out of dangerous situations–he wants to risk gravely another war in Syria.  I just don’t trust his words, deeds and motives.  And, neither should you.