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Independence Day

 I am an optimist at heart.  Otherwise, how else could I try to see the path toward Heaven on Earth–and do so persistently since year 2000?
    But our nation is in jeopardy with a president who doesn’t embody the traits of a capable, wise, and honest leader.  And right now the Democrats in the Senate make up the majority.  This allows Democratic Senator Harry Reid to foster foolish statements and perverse policies and committee assignments.
    This November we Americans–in our stable and robust democracy–can allow responsible Republicans to take the majority in both the House and the Senate.  This action will help shield our country from the harmful actions of President Obama.
    On this Independence Day, let’s dedicate ourselves to assert our disapproval of the this administration and those Democrats in Congress who have been a part of this charade of destruction.  Our economy is anemic in the long-term with current “leadership”–at best.  Japan is an example of the type of fiscal policies that the president, Democrats, and the federal reserve system have followed–all the time blaming the Republicans.
    As a Republican, I deeply believe that now is the time that American voters must take back our beloved nation from these inept, unwise, and dishonest Democrats.
    President Reagan provided the ideal leadership to remedy the disaster that he inherited.  Now we must elect Bill Cassidy and other Republican senators to take the majority of the Senate in 2014.  We can do it!  We must do it!
    We can gain our independence from President Obama and the Democrats to salvage our democracy.  I implore you not to think of the 2014 or 2016 elections as ordinary in any sense.
    President Obama squandered a hard-fought democracy in the Middle East–Iraq–by not leaving a stabilizing force behind as we did after World War II in Japan, Germany, and Italy (with wonderful results).  His incoherent foreign policy can only be “explained” by his personal history of being surrounded by anti-Americans from his mother and father to Reverend Wright, and many others.  Of course, that pertains to his domestic politics too.
    We must seek our independence from President Obama and Democrats at all levels.  We now have a near-record number of Republican governors–thirty–and they are joined by a number of Republican legislators.  But they have an uphill battle against the tirade of regulations poring out of Washington DC, not to mention the higher taxes in a tepid economy.  These onerous regulations and taxes are just the opposite of what President Reagan did to engender a 25 year period of healthy economic growth.  And don’t forget the foreign policy triumphs in the Cold War.
    We must gain our independence from these folk hero Democratic politicians at all levels, the party that brought us Detroit, Illinois and “victories” based on such things as IRS harassment–supported by emails that “disappeared.”
    I now believe that the 2012 elections were affected drastically by a president who wanted reelection at “any cost”–including corrupting the executive branch of the federal government, where I served twenty years without such conditions.
    We must unite, not only Republicans, but Americans as a people–like our founders did on Independence Day.  These revered founders risked their lives and property and many have followed in their footsteps to bring freedom and liberty, not only to our beloved country, but throughout the world at times.  I believe that in the long run–achieved hopefully and prayerfully with nonviolence and without revenge–the world will achieve permanent peace when we attain a planet full of stable, robust, and prosperous democracies.
    I support pro-choice and green solutions.  Climate change is a legitimate issue, but it is part of ecological harmony, humanity and conservation existing hand in hand, for ourselves and all future generations.
    On this Independence Day, let’s dedicate ourselves in a serious fashion to gain our independence from the far left that has shown its failed trickle down colors to the detriment of America.