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NEEDED: Capable, Wise, and Honest Leaders

America and all nations need capable, wise, and honest leaders.  The citizens of democracies must learn to perceive such leaders—not through low information, emotional, one-issue campaigns, but rather by being astute, educated, and informed.

It’s very important to see through a candidate’s misleading statements, or their outright lies, such as President Obama has purveyed from the beginning.  We don’t want “change” and “forward” into scandals unreported by the mainstream press.  We don’t like laws like Obamacare promulgated by two-faced Senators like Mary Landrieu, a deep liberal in Washington, D. C., and another person back in Louisiana.  She’s out of touch with the people of Louisiana and she must be defeated by Bill Cassidy, M. D., who I believe is far more reliable.

We must take back our nation from these liberals – far left liberals no matter whether they call themselves “progressives” or tell us we can “keep our doctor;” say IRS emails were lost; bring chaos to our borders, harm our veterans, have accumulated phone records on everyone in America and on and on.

President Obama is intentionally harming our nation and we must retake the Senate, maintain the House and hold the line against this out of control anti-American that speaks well, but is devoid of positive leadership.  And Hillary is on the horizon.  She is a dose of more of the same.  That is my honest opinion.

Our nation simply deserves better than President Obama, Secretary Clinton and Senator Landrieu.

Our nation is under assault by an anti-American, radical leftist President and while we still have the ballot, we must use it – in Congress – House and Senate – in 2014 and in the Presidency in 2016.  My Presidential choice for the Republican Party is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin.  I sincerely believe he has the boldness, courage, capability, wisdom and honesty to lead us out of this dire threat to our very democracy.  And that will hurt the chances immensely to proceed in the direction of heaven on earth.

A Missed Opportunity in Iraq

On May 25, 2011, The Wall Street Journal reported on its Opinion page about a speech that the highly respected and departing Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, made about Iraq.  Here is the final paragraph concerning Mr. Gates remarks:
“Lo and behold, Mr. Gates is saying that Iraq is that model, and that even the Obama Administration now sees a democratic Iraq as a  potential bulwark for American interests in the Gulf.  The rest of the press corps won’t acknowledge it, but Mr. Gates is more or less saying: mission accomplished.”
Now, without a stabilizing force that could have maintained the situation in Iraq, disaster is in the works.  According to The New York Times on Thursday, June 12, 2014, “Sunni militants consolidated and extended their control over northern Iraq on Wednesday, seizing Tikrit, the hometown of Saddam Hussein, threatening the strategic oil refining town of Baiji and pushing south toward Baghdad, their ultimate target, Iraqi sources said.”
No matter how one views our actions in Iraq, a Muslim democratic state in the Middle East would have been very possible and certainly like night and day from what the Obama Administration has allowed to happen.  After World War II we left behind troops to stabilize the democracies in Germany, Japan, and Italy, with wonderful results.  The incompetent and incoherent foreign policy of President Obama is reprehensible.
We need leaders with enough vision to lead our military forces in thoughtful ways in order to promote freedom and democracies across the globe.

Our Country’s Bright Future

I am very optimistic that Republicans can be victorious in 2014 and 2016.  But we can’t take ANYTHING for granted.  We have a President who is a superb political hack.  He knows how to pull the emotional strings and is not concerned about the truth or consequences to America or its people – or the world.

To preserve the American dream of upward mobility for all its people, it is absolutely mandatory that Republicans are victorious in 2014 and 2016.

The mainline press won’t help us.  Many liberal universities won’t help us.

Who will?  I have faith in democracy now and, in those crucial elections, for our people to step up to the plate and discern the truth.

Right now we have 30 Republican governors and they are getting results – better education through charter schools, vouchers, etc.; fiscal sanity unlike Illinois and Detroit which have been governed by the folk heroes of the Democrats, and on and on.

I am impressed by Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, having read his book “Unintimidated” once – word for word – and reviewing it multiple times.

From it I hear the voice of my lifetime’s greatest President, President Ronald Reagan.  Not only does he communicate quite well; he has a vital grasp of local, Wisconsin and national affairs.

He doesn’t have the title of “community organizer” in his resume, but he has a whole lot more important experience – things that are intensely relevant to our future.

But now is now.  We must elect Republicans at all levels – state legislators, governorships, other state offices, Senators, and Congress persons in 2014.  We must take back our government from the liberals who are wrecking us domestically and internationally.

I’ll never forget how at the Democratic National Convention in 2012 they booed God, more than once.  So, how could 2,000,000 Republicans stay home – on Election Day?  Shame!  Shame!  Shame!

The reality of the global financial situation is perilous and we have a President who is incoherent in his foreign policy.

Republicans must strike now in 2014 and again in 2016 to allow us to lead – economically as well as militarily – to allow us to reach toward Heaven on Earth.

The cynics will not understand the positive possibilities of the future.  It is up to the healthy skeptics and the pragmatists to understand the wonderful outlook – if we vote and support good government and sound fiscal policies and a whole lot more good things from the Republicans at all levels.

The Importance of Showing Our Country’s Youth the Republican Way

The elections both this year and in 2016 are critical to our nation, its people, and the world.  Here in Louisiana, I will do my part to help elect a fine Congressman to the Senate, Bill Cassidy, M. D.  This can very well give Republicans a majority in the Senate and help lower the downside risks of the remaining time of President Obama.  That’s very important to Louisiana and our nation as well as globally.

Why?  There are only two things that have propelled our economy (jobs for our young people and everyone else who has been successful in job searches), and they are:

·        Oil and gas advances creating a lot of well-paying jobs and all the jobs that surround those jobs.

·        Thirty Republican governors who have promoted their state economies with sound fiscal policies and job-creating education enhancement at all levels.

I have read and reviewed Scott Walker’s book, Unintimidated, several times.  It has conveyed the message time and time again that sound fiscal policies can mean lower taxes, efficient, yet not austerity-type of government, improved education with flexibility in rewarding good teachers, hiring well and dismissing “lemons” that destroy our youth, and holding teacher meetings without union approval and on and on.  Flexibility is all-important both in managing a business and a government, national, state or local.  Scott Walker understands the importance of this flexibility at the state and local level because he had tremendous problems without it at the Milwaukee County level.

The future is all we have ahead of us.  Young people have a lot of future ahead of them.  They will choose the failed policies of the Democratic party, with ruinous policies evident in cities such as Detroit, and states such as Illinois, or they will choose to elect Republicans at all levels, the leaders of which have shined in the red states with lower taxes, education efforts which are determined and forthright and, in so many ways, success in employing young and old despite national “leadership” that has been at the least, “challenging.”  My hope and prayer is that the nation’s youth will follow the pathway of wisdom in voting for Republicans at every level.

Life is full of surprises, and they’re not all good.  But wisdom is all about navigating the bumps in the road of life, and coming out on the other side with a degree of wisdom and truth.

A prosperous economy can open the possibilities to an abundance of things.  A strong leader such as Scott Walker can also open doors toward Heaven on Earth, a destiny we all seek, and yet  reach only with great sustained effort and God’s enduring, steadfast love.

As a voter in the United States, each citizen has a part to play in this ultimate drama.  I firmly believe that the Republicans have a better plan—perhaps not a perfect plan, because we are all human—but a better plan than the Detroit or Illinois or Obama plan.

Wisdom and Faith Will Guide Us through the Innovation Age

Wisdom and faith allow us to examine these important parts of life with healthy self-esteem and lead a purposeful, meaningful life.  Almighty God gave each of us and all of us a mind, body and little piece of God.  Pursuing wisdom-associated values allows the development of a living faith that is reflected in the way we conduct ourselves.

There is no question that technology can do enormous things in this Innovation Age and that can be quite wonderful.  Education—including wisdom tenets—can and will benefit globally from everything from inexpensive smart pads to human developments on a lifetime basis with human-friendly diagnostic type analysis.

Technology is going to keep marching on at a breaking speed.  It is critical that, on a global basis, we rapidly innovate in other areas of human endeavor in a wise way.  One of these are loving religions of the world while eliminating non-loving “religions” that pervert Almighty God’s enduring, steadfast love.

Another area requiring wise, kind innovation is in governments.  Too many developed nations—including the United States, much of Europe, Japan, even China and elsewhere—have incurred massive debts and obligations in a very foolish, short-sighted way.

This presents the world and many countries with a financial future that is like none other before.  There are 160 nations and globalizations with its interlocking economic ties can, and I think, will allow permanent peace, someday, somehow.  An evolution to a world full of stable, robust, prosperous and efficient, wisely-constructed democracies will bring the permanent peace humankind has always sought.

So, we must innovate in religion, government and education.  Lifelong learning is the key to the exciting future that I sincerely believe Almighty God has in mind for us.  Wisdom must be taught and sought throughout our lives.  Positive values count.  Honesty should be highly valued in all societies and is critical in the proper, efficient and astute operation of democracies.  We must cultivate a lifelong lust for learning.  Reading is all-important as is formal education.  Learning by doing is something that I have done with my writing.

A Message about the Syrian Crisis

The White House has said that the use of military force is still a possibility.  On my website,  I now have a letter to President Obama and Congress concerning my alarm at the Syrian crisis.   We, the American people, must draw our red line in the sand and not let President Obama and Congress drag us into another Middle East war.  We can and we must.  A lasting worldwide peace is apparent to me in the not-too-distant future.

But peace requires wisdom, by our President and Congress.  We must not lapse into emotional military actions.  We must reach out in a positive way to the Syrians.

Everyone, President Obama, Congress, all Americans and all world citizens must think!  Think!  Think!  What is our goal?  Is it worthwhile and what are our risks?  Wars are very uncertain and have many unintended consequences.  This Syrian crisis is no different.

I don’t object to a show of force.  I do greatly disagree with a military response to the gassing of civilians.  Let’s be positive in our action.  Let’s be wise.  Let’s be knowledgeable.  If we really think about it, we won’t respond militarily, but instead help the Syrian refugees – not only with government help, but also with private assistance such as Doctors without Burdens.

There’s already been much killing in the Middle East.  Let’s head in a different direction, the road less travelled so far in human history.  The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care to guard it from impetuous military actions.


The following three urgent items are the most crucial for the United States and the world:
    > Global warming and climate change:  We must search desperately for the answers which aren’t clear now.  But the seas are rising.
    > Far too much government debt and obligations in Japan, Europe and the United States:  Political will is essential and continuing inaction will be disastrous to world-wide prosperity.
    > The hundreds of millions of radical Muslims:  We must form an international alliance of all non-Muslim nations and strongly back moderate Muslims as they hopefully and prayerfully will courageously confront the radical Muslims in the Mosques and elsewhere.
    I just don’t see how military action in Syria helps in any of these areas of highest priority.  In fact it may lead to enormous costs that exacerbate debt, especially in the United States.  This is not a matter of personalities, President Obama, Senator McCain or anybody else.  These are the key strategic priorities that everyone should keep in mind.

Thoughts on Syria while visiting the National World War II Museum

A friend and I toured the new section of the National World War II Museum and experienced the “Final Mission” submarine endeavor based on a true event in the Pacific Ocean.  We also saw “Beyond All Boundaries,” an epic which has come to be my number two favorite film after “Gandhi.”  Tom Hanks narrates the enormous effort of World War II, simply indescribably moving.
    This was a terrible war in the twentieth century which resulted in hundreds of millions of deaths–more civilians than combat deaths.
    The twenty-first century must be different.  Gandhi certainly pointed us in the right direction.
    It’s time for all of us to understand and believe that God made each of us and all of us with a mind, body and a “little piece of God.”  We are all world citizens and children of Almighty God.
    This even pertains to the dictator Assad.  But that does not mean that Assad should be allowed by those around him to kill other world citizens.
    Because every world citizen has a mind, body and “little piece of God,” we have a deep need to love and respect ourselves and others.
    Nonviolence, reason, wisdom, truth, and kindness–the positive values–must overcome the  negative values of selfishness, revenge, hate, greed and envy.
    Remember, there were more civilian deaths than combat deaths in World War II, and each life lost was precious.  That pertains to those people in the Damascus suburbs who lost their lives by chemical means.  It’s sad, very sad.
    But will more killing bring them back?  Should we seek revenge, or instead launch an all out media and diplomatic attack on Assad (the selfish, ruthless and unworthy person in this awful drama).
    We have a longing for others to value us.  They also seek to be validated.  So each life is precious.  Assad should be stopped, but by modern means, not primitive killing.

Kindness Toward Everyone

Probably all people have some degree of racism.  But the important thing is not to say or do anything that is precipitated by that primitive state.

As humans we often react to those we face.  If they are angry, it may make us angry or upset.  If they show racism it might bring out our own primitive emotion.

But the goal should always be kindness with ourselves and others.  Another important aim is to be honest with ourselves and others.

I’m thinking of Egypt.  Non-violence is important.  So is law and order.  The rule of law rather than either riots or authoritative governments is so necessary to a democracy and a nation’s fulfillment of its people’s aspirations.

One by one, each of us must try to love and help create a Heaven on Earth.  Muslims may want to call it something else, but the nomenclature is not of consequence; only the concept.

Egypt needs the prayers of people around the globe – Egyptians and everyone else.

From Abject Poverty to Prosperity

 I just read an exciting article in The Economist (June 1): called, “Towards the End of Poverty.”  It explains how nearly 1 billion people have been raised out of extreme poverty between 1990 and 2010.  Most of these were in China.  It concludes that capitalism and free trade were the main drivers in this success.
    That’s the good news.  The toughest part is still ahead with the challenges in India and Africa.  Growth and free trade can help bring that last billion out of abject, life-threatening poverty.  India and Africa must get away from monopolies and restrictive practices and the rest of the world should allow free, fair trade with these areas.
    Abject poverty must be defeated worldwide because it is the right thing to do and also because it benefits us all to have a more prosperous world.  Love thy neighbor as thyself.  We are all world citizens.  Let’s make our one world a place we can all appreciate with gratitude and thanksgiving.