The Bloated Federal Government

We have a bloated Federal Government.  Believe me and a host of others.  I spent twenty years as a federal employee and I believe a reduction in Force (RIF) could be done in a kind way like good citizen corporations operate when they need to terminate people.

It should work like this – hire independent human relations people to help out-placements with resumes, employment, occupational interest tests, and ability test (all optional and also available to the general public).

But concurrently with obvious RIF’s an intense study of laws, regulations and organizations should be conducted to attain efficiency, simplicity, and greater productivity in both the government and private sectors.  It can be done and it would, if done right, greatly enhance our economy.

The other major initiative should be a reform of entitlements.  Everyone in Washington knows this is desperately needed.  Take courage – Democrats and Republicans.

The status quo in Washington is dangerous, currently or at some point in the future.  Wise, capable and honest leadership is sorely needed in this process.

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