The Future

My calling is calling; not to dwell on what was or is, but rather what can be.

We have a huge choice in our robust and stable American democracy.  The status quo leads us to a world-wide depression and quite possibly a loss of peace and security on a major scale.

But we have our vote.  We can choose to innovate in government:  taxes, regulations, laws and on and on, simplifying our lives, increasing our productivity, raising our living standards and becoming a kinder, gentler nation.

Governor Romney’s leadership will be a key to such a future. (Please see my reviews of The Real Romney and Governor Romney’s own book, No Apology).

Let’s open the way to a bright future.  It’s a simple choice.  It won’t be an easy journey, but the status quo is not in my vision of the path to a Heaven on Earth.

My sincere judgment is that it is imperative to elect Governor Romney and a host of Republicans at all levels.  The future is all we have ahead of us.  Let’s take care to vote with the passion of wisdom.

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