The importance of a balanced budget

The financial soundness of the United States of America is tenuous.  It is important for the president to engage the Congress and realize that we must bring our federal budget into balance.  I realize his worldview might be drastically different from mine, but it is time for him to wake up to Adam Smith’s reality.  The truth is in free markets, capitalism tempered with democracy and free, fair trade.

Communism and socialism are not a part of the American heritage and should not be adopted in any significant way beyond what has already been done.  We must ensure that our nation is fiscally healthy.  Our country, if it fails to understand our financial plight, will undo what President Reagan did, which was to expand the prosperity of the world through free markets and capitalism and spread democracy in places no one thought it would go.

We need to unite behind fiscal sanity or we are doomed, and the world will regress into places we don’t want to go.

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