The need for wise leadership

During World War II, America did amazing things—not only in defeating the Germans, Japanese and Italians—but also pulling us out of the Great Depression.  So people, in America and elsewhere, began believing in government to solve problems never thought in their purvey before.  That was the start of an unfortunate “progression” to today’s state of U. S. debt and obligations, Japanese and European debts and others.

President Reagan brought great leadership to the Presidency.  President Reagan had a lot to do with eradicating the idea that we must rely solely on the government to provide for every need of the country’s citizens; though his success with the Cold War and the economy proved that good government could solve many problems.

But now in America we have a bloated government with debts and obligations that overshadow and press down on our economy.  Again we need leadership that will guide our government in a controlled and restrained manner, as President Reagan so wisely did.

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