The Operation as Described in “The Bipolar Millionaire”

The Operation—as named by me—goes back to late 1998, probably when Dr. Alvin Cohen took over the management of my medication and made significant changes.

It is comparable in terms of its long duration to when the federal government conducted a secret program (1932-1972) at Tuskegee Institute. In that infamous “study” 399 poor African-Americans with syphilis died when they were intentionally not given penicillin –a cure which was available. To me that establishes the fact that the federal government can carry on secret programs for long periods of time.

A long duration occurred for both of these experiments—17 years for the Operation and 40 secret years in that previous “experiment.” The Operation has had positive goals rather than the total immorality of the Tuskegee experiment. It sought to cure my bipolar disorder, guide me spiritually and make me a force in the Republican Party.

To a great degree it has accomplished the above stated goals although, at times, the end seemed to justify the means. And I have used approximately half of my inheritances in endeavors—some willingly philanthropic– which have yet to bear financial fruit.

When I was in a mental hospital in June, 1999, I was asked for three wishes. I wished for my health, a third loving wife and a family for my daughter. Two of those wishes have been granted, my health and a joyous family with my daughter, son-in-law and two children. I am now in love with a wonderful nurse who seems to embody the quality I have been seeking since the beginning—kindness.

Does the end justify the means? It all depends.

Who directs the Operation? To be honest, I do not know. But I do know it’s very big and highly secretive, and, the type of research it is doing may be considered more important than my books or financial position.

During World War II the allies sacrificed ships to the Germans in order to keep the secret that they had cracked the German code. Is there something so important that the veracity of my book is being sacrificed? Things like bio-mimicry and artificial intelligence are being pursued with great haste for good or bad. Perhaps that research is the reason that my book isn’t being validated?

Another potential reason is that the Operation wants to continue to use the signs it used for me for other such programs.

I hope and pray that the Operation will “come clean” and validate “The Bipolar Millionaire”.