The Smarter One

Raw, inert intelligence is one thing.  Applied intelligence can become genius, as with Steve Jobs, Mozart, etc.

Governor Romney has always been incredibly smart, hard-working and ambitious.  These qualities have been evident in the three debates and throughout his academic, business and government careers.

He received a bachelor’s degree in English literature at BYU with highest honors.  He earned a combination law degree with honors and an MBA as a Baker Scholar (signifying he was in the top five percent of his business class) at Harvard University.

President Obama received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science from Columbia University, apparently without honors.  He graduated from Harvard Law School with honors.

So, Governor Romney has a deeper academic background, especially in business, a needed attribute in our presidency now.

Governor Romney has demonstrated his business and investment ingenuity as a business consultant, head of Bain Capital overseeing investment in about one hundred companies, saving Bain and Company, reviving the 2002 Olympics, and leading Massachusetts to a balanced budget as well as a state health plan.  He also campaigned unsuccessfully against Ted Kennedy for the Senate and against John McCain for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination.

But, as did President Reagan who didn’t get the 1976 Republican nomination and came back in 1980 to win it all, Governor Romney tried to get the 2008 Republican nomination and had the drive, determination and ambition to come back and get the 2012 Republican nomination.

President Obama had no business or military leadership roles prior to his presidency.  And his presidency has been a disappointment to many in everything from our national debt and unemployment to his extremely partisan politics, just the opposite of what he promised.

All things considered, I think Governor Romney is smarter than President Obama.  Let’s put that brilliance, hard work and ambition to work for us where it belongs, in the White House.


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