The Truth About Our Economy

I want my website to tell my view of the truth and that is, in part, that the fruits of capitalism made our country what it is—the largest economy in the world, at least for now.  Right now our Republicans in the House and Senate are trying to fight for a nation that doesn’t allow the government to go bankrupt, dragging our country down with it.  It could happen with a currency crisis.  It may happen with a prolonged period of low or negative growth as in Japan.  But the consequences of not addressing government spending, entitlements, taxes, regulations and so forth in a pro-business, pro-growth fashion could very soon be a huge disaster.

My website comes down definitely on the side of capitalism tempered with democracy and free, fair trade.  Government should serve the people, not the reverse.  Self-discipline in government, including our politicians, should be the watchword of the day, every day.  We simply can’t afford to pay out anything for which we have to borrow 40ȼ on the dollar.

We must bring our federal expenditures under control.  It is difficult to see how we can do it with a president who is disengaged and basically incompetent, totally dependent on his advisors.  Our republic is at stake in many ways.

I hope, wish and pray that somehow we can come up with a united front of Democrats and Republicans to save our republic.  Because that is what is at stake.  A worldwide depression with a currency crisis in the United States would bring havoc to our present and future.

Unfortunately much is in the hands of President Obama and the Democrats who really don’t appreciate capitalism and individual effort.  It’s sort of like the book, Uncharitable, except that what’s at stake here is our entire nation that might go bankrupt.

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