The World Cup Championship Game and World Peace

After watching the World Cup Championship Game, It dawned on me that this type of worldwide competition is certainly much better than warfare.  I understand over a billion people were watching this game and the announcer said the best two teams were in the World Cup finals.

Worldwide sports should trump the “Conquest” history of humankind.  Each robust, stable, prosperous democracy – in a world full of democracies – can maintain its own identity within its own borders.

Non-violence should and will eventually prevail.  Humankind’s age-old dream of peace on earth will come true – permanently.

The days of the “conquest” model are severely numbered – throughout our planet.  Mahatma Gandhi was right; “violence begets violence.”  But I sincerely believe that the opposite is also true:  “Kindness begets kindness.”

Let this peaceful sports conflict lead to non-violence – globally.

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