Thoughts on the Fiscal Cliff

I’m concerned about our country.  We must cut federal expenditures as we promote growth in our economy with reforms in taxes, regulations, laws and entitlements.  Otherwise, the best we can hope for is slow growth domestically.

President Obama is out of touch with economic realities in his constant chant to “tax the rich,” which he defines as income of $200,000/year for a single person or $250,000/year as a married couple.  His tax policy plays on the very negative emotion of envy.

Democrats and Republicans must unite on a fiscal path that will address the huge deficit we have, as well as our $16 trillion debt and entitlement obligations.  To do otherwise invites a currency crisis, hyperinflation, slow or no growth and worldwide depression, or some combination of all of these.

The fiscal cliff—an arbitrary spending and tax measure—must be put aside with Democrats and Republicans doing what is best for the country.  Look on this as an opportunity to address the deep fiscal problems of our nation.  All in Washington, including staff, lobbyists, politicians—everyone, must put our country and the world first.  Courage is essential.  The politicians know what needs to be done.  So let’s do it!

The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care now to put reelection and negative values completely out of the compromise formula.  The negative values that I am referring to are hate, greed and envy.  The compromise must reflect wisdom, character and kindness.

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