We are at risk

The more I think about it, the more I see the similarities between the election in 1980 and the upcoming one.  The crying need now is to avoid a worldwide depression.  I believe governor Romney and Congressman Ryan and a host of Republicans at all levels can do just that.

On the other hand, I believe the reelection of President Obama will lead to a worldwide depression.  Think back to Governor Reagan and how he took charge and focused on our economy.  His lower, simpler taxes and less regulation kicked off a twenty-five year period of growth, from 1982 to 2007.

We can’t afford another four years of President Obama and big government Democrats.  And that’s putting it mildly.  Again, I want to point out that the poor and middle class will suffer the most without a turn to Republicans in a big way.

With about half the world at risk from severe government debt and obligations, we must let Governor Romney lead.  He will bring in the best and brightest people and in a careful, prudent, professional way go about solving our nation’s fiscal problems, igniting growth as well as creating and maintaining millions of jobs.  Growth, jobs and prosperity go together, just as they did under President Reagan.

It takes a leader at the top who understands, in depth, how jobs are created, how they are kept and why they are lost.  We must win for the sake of America and all of humankind.  If not, I see a depression, possibly followed by World War III or something just as bad.

We must not vote based on “likeability” or oratory capability.  We must perceive depth in the ability to confront our enormous fiscal problems.  I believe Governor Romney can revamp all the important areas in need of real change to offer genuine hope to us all, including businesses of all sizes.  The psychological boost from his election alone will be extremely good for business after such an anti-business climate with President Obama.

President Obama may or may not have realized it, but his administration stacked regulation on top of regulation, suppressing and stifling businesses and banks of all sizes.  He seems to believe in big union-backed government.  We must, as Americans, realize what is at stake in the November elections, perhaps the most important since 1860.  Abraham Lincoln’s win precipitated the bloody Civil War, but in the end preserving the Federal Union allowed us to triumph in World War I and to spread freedom and democracy around the world.

These are in jeopardy in this election.  The opportunity is there.  We may go down the path of decadence and over-spending as have other great powers, or we may choose to lead with innovation and moral certitude worthy of praise around the world.  The role of a president must go beyond the bully pulpit—he must be ready and able to lead.

We must elect Governor Romney and a host of Republicans to preserve and grow our way of life.  We can.  That’s the superb characteristic of a robust, stable democracy.  But the choice is ours.  We must make a choice, not only for ourselves, but for all Americans and all of humankind.

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