We must focus on the economy

I bought, wrote and decided how much money to put in each Christmas card.  I cut back fifty percent from what I had intended to give because I am not confident about my financial future or that of our nation and world.

We need leadership in Washington, and we also are in great need of a united effort to solve our very real and genuine fiscal problems.  The future is all we have ahead of us.  We must take care to assure it, not only for generations to come, but for the present wellbeing of all Americans and people around the world.  Time is running out to allow a genuinely united and worthwhile solution to our fiscal crisis.  President Obama can delegate, but he must not abdicate his responsibilities.  And those in Congress—both Democrats and Republicans—must do their part, too.

This is serious.  We must act and act now—no kicking the can down the road or putting  politics and reelection prospects first.  This time must be different, very different for all.

And if all participate with the fiscal sacrifices that must be made, I believe the people will understand.  We need courage.  Self-preservation is a powerful motivation.  It caused me to cut my cash Christmas gifts in half to both my family and non-family.  I don’t have confidence in the future in terms of investing, business, our economy or the world economy.

Those in Washington must unite in a bipartisan manner or else face a worldwide depression, and then they’ll really be blamed.  We need to innovate in our federal government.  My website presents a path to eventual prosperity.  All our politicians should rise up and be counted as status persons, aware that the poor and middle class will suffer the most in a worldwide depression.  Right now I see nothing that has changed my mind that that is the direction in which we are headed.

It’s not what is here and now.  The crisis occurs when we have a currency crisis, hyperinflation and all the poor reflections of businesses closings and such.  The time is now to prevent these calamities.  Time is short, but we must act in a bipartisan way with courage, honor, honesty, character, competence and wisdom.  Otherwise, many people will suffer.

The numbers are baffling, but we must be wise and competent in addressing them, and certainly not be focused on reelection consequences.  This must be a united approach for good, an honest search for truth.

Our country has prospered under capitalism tempered by democracy with free, fair trade.  We must do everything we can to prolong that market capitalism mechanism in order to motivate our must treasured asset—our people.  The role of government must be smaller, not bigger.  We can’t afford bigger.  It’s as simple as that.

I believe if Democrats and Republicans demonstrate real courage and leadership, good things will happen, not only in our government, Americans and the world, but to them personally.

Our government once, on a bipartisan basis, adjusted a sacred cow—Social Security.  We can do this again and much more, not on a confrontational, adversary basis, but in a caring, wise, and sincere manner.  We can and we must.

It’s a matter of self-discipline.  Instead of members of Congress focusing on reelection possibilities, they must concentrate on our people, our nation, and the pressing priorities of a dismal future without a united, positive and realistic approach to this Innovation Age.  We must innovate or we are lost, lost as members of Congress and as a people.

America is a force for good in the world.  That involves a strong economy and a global military presence.  Without prosperity, not only do we lose but the world loses.  I don’t mean that our road will be easy.  But many of the answers to our fiscal problems are simple.  Though the solutions are difficult to enact and solve, we can and we must take the steps.

The world is watching us as it was when we formed our experiment of democracy in a world of kings.  We must lead in a prudent way, in the way of capitalism tempered with democracy, not the failed way of collectivism.  We can and we must.

Self-discipline is a must on all levels, for individual, politicians, everyone.  It involves every aspect of our lives: diet, exercise, rest, sleep, good friends, and family, everything—a holistic approach to life, including a spiritual respect that helps guide one’s life in a kind and altruistic manner.  Our life is a gift from God, and we should treat it as such.

Let every member of Congress and the president give a Christmas gift to the American people and the world of a well-crafted economic and governmental plan.  We simply can’t afford a socialistic type of plan.

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