We must prevent the suicide of our great nation!

I have seen Dinesh D’Souza’s movie, “America: Imagine a World without Her,” several times.  It’s quite well done, and I encourage others to view it in order to spread the truth about our nation’s history and to defeat the present danger from the far left.

America must remain a free, stable, and robust democracy; and it must regain a rigorous, sustained prosperity.  Only Republicans can help us in this noble endeavor.

The Democratic Party has sold its soul to President Obama, Secretary Clinton, and the far left, and – in my humble opinion – that is and will be very dangerous to our very freedom.

I’ve visited Cuba numerous times, so have seen firsthand the lack of economic freedom and the suppression of its people.   We do not want this for our great nation!

President Lincoln said we could not be conquered from without largely because of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.  But he said we could be conquered from within – by “suicide.”  And I believe this is the path that we are taking with our current White House leadership.

We are treading on troubled financial waters.  The U. S. dollar may be okay for now, even with our high national debt and entitlements; from what I can discern, our position as the world’s reserve currency is eroding as we print more and more dollars to fund our deficits.  Our entitlements are not sound fiscally and the Democrats go on a witch-hunt anytime anyone wants to reform them.

Courage is needed in Washington, but, in reality, it’s largely an electorate problem as well.  Too many people vote to continue their government benefits regardless of the numbers.  And, that has to stop if we are going to survive and thrive.

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