We Must Try

A friend asked me why the word “try” is in the Soldiers of Love pledge: “I will try to love and help create a Heaven on Earth.”  I hadn’t consciously thought about the wording before, but after consideration, I think I must somehow have realized that people are far more likely to take the pledge if they promise to try—if one promises to do, one might be set up for failure.  But if you try and fail, you can try again.  And again.

I just read a detailed poll on the presidential election and the issues surrounding it.  I believe that Republicans, and all our citizens for that matter, really have our backs to the wall, not able to regain prosperity along the way to a Heaven on Earth.

We must realize that 1980 was much like 2012, with incumbent presidents who face Republican opponents with competence and focus on the economy, a combination that gives us strength as a force for good in the world.

Right now I’m a bit down emotionally because of my financial position, polls that show the Republicans behind, and the fact that it doesn’t appear that I’m going to be able to speak at the University of Tampa.

I also just met with Joseph Billingsly, the sales manager for Pelican Publishing

Company; I had expected good news, but he wasn’t very encouraging.  I must persevere.

We must elect Governor Romney or I believe a worldwide depression will occur, and the follow-up to that could be disastrous.  Glibness does not substitute for leadership.

I’ve been trying to succeed at writing since January 4, 1998, and yet success has eluded me.  Some have said I write well.  But this crushing decrease of my net worth because of the expenses to support my writing, charities, church and the television series haunts me.  I pray every night for success in those ventures.  Why doesn’t it come?

We must elect Governor Romney and a host of Republicans to assist him to innovate in our government.

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