What would Reagan do?

President Obama’s anti-Reaganomics tax and regulatory policies have hurt our economy already, and, if reelected, he will really hurt us and the world.  I believe he and the current global debt will cause a worldwide depression.

I just got through practicing my speech.  I’m pretty sure I can deliver practically all without it looking like I’m reading it, except the actual quotes of President Reagan and Admiral Mike Mullen.

We must try to understand how President Reagan led us, and understand that now we are in dire need of such a force as he had, and come to the honest realization that Governor Romney is that leader for our time.

Jobs stimulus from the government is simply pouring gasoline on the fire of our $16 trillion national debt.  President Reagan (an economics major) certainly didn’t resort to such actions, and the proof is right there in our economy’s tremendous growth from 1982 to 2007.

The job of the electorate in our democracy is to vote based on values other than negative ones such as hate, greed or envy.  It’s a matter of background and issues.  Oratory skills should not be at the top of the list of criteria.

I want my life to count and really have always thought that way.  But the older I get the more I absolutely can make my life count, helping to avoid a worldwide depression and pointing the way toward a Heaven on Earth.

Each of us and all of us are made up of mind, body and a little piece of God, from the dawn of humankind, I sincerely believe.  So, deep down somewhere within us all, we want our lives to count for good.

How do you revive our economy and who can and will lead that noble effort?  Governor Romney.  He has the tools to engineer a great turnaround:  academic achievement, business experience, nonprofit success and triumph as governor, especially in his fiscal accomplishments in that office.

The key to a great Republican victory must be a relentless challenge of President Obama’s record and a positive assertion of how to revive the economy.

In investing you study the past and assess the present, but you earn your salt in doing the hardest part—gaining an accurate understanding of the future.  Governor Romney has quite successfully guided Bain Capital, dozens of companies and thousands of jobs into the future.  I believe he can do the same for our country.  On the other hand, President Obama’s record demonstrates that he’s a speaker and a campaigner, but not the leader we need for the upcoming crucial four years.

I respect Governor Romney for his business career and his enormous success in those endeavors.  He has also been generous with his fortune, unlike President Obama and Vice President Biden on a smaller scale.

I recently learned that Governor Reagan defeated President Carter by eight percent.  I thought it was closer than that.  I do remember that when President Reagan ran for reelection he won all but one state—a landslide.

I believe history could very well repeat itself.  In terms of our debt, the economy is worse than 1980.  Governor Romney spent fifteen years overseeing leveraged buyouts, something that requires extreme knowledge of handling debt.

The United States has $50,700+ of national debt per citizen.  That is about 105 percent of our GDP (Gross Domestic Product, which measures the size of our economy).  I understand the danger level for national debt over GDP is ninety percent.  We could have a currency crisis at any time.

Comparing President Obama to Governor Romney, which of these men would you expect to be better able to handle or avert such a crisis?

The world is watching the outcome of this election.  Foreigners hold about a third of our debt, and a crisis in confidence could and would debase the dollar and play havoc with our economy.  It is important for our economy and the future of freedom worldwide that Governor Romney and a host of Republicans win at all levels triumph in November.

President Reagan set the precedent for a turnaround of our economy.  He believed in the economics of Milton Friedman, Arthur Laffer and Alan Greenspan—all members of his council of economic advisors.  Governor Romney has a history, as President Reagan and unlike President Obama, of surrounding himself with outstanding people.

We can and I believe will have a wonderful world and, in my vision, a step toward a Heaven on Earth with a great Republican victory.

From a seminar I attended I compiled the following qualities for effectiveness.  I believe Governor Romney fulfills all of these criteria as did President Reagan:  visionary, focused, trustworthy, trusting, curious, humble, energizing and courageous.  I don’t think that President Obama meets these criteria, particularly trustworthy, trusting, humble, energizing and courageous.

Our biggest challenge is the economy, just as it was in 1980, when we chose then-

Governor Reagan over President Carter.  After he left office, President Carter went on to a life of charitable endeavors.  Frankly, I would not expect President Obama would conduct himself charitably as President Carter has.  His tax return shows contributions of about one percent whereas one of Governor Romney’s shows a contribution rate of nineteen percent.

President Reagan said, “We’re the party that wants to see an America in which people can still get rich,” at the Republican Congressional Dinner, Washington, D. C., May 4, 1982.

That quote is included in Ronald Reagan’s Wisdom for the Twenty-First Century, a book of his quotes on which Daniel P. Agatino and I commented.  President Obama stands directly opposed to this idea of a sound American economy.  The battle for undecided voters, as well as independents and insightful Democrats, is one that Republicans must win, for our country and the world.  A worldwide depression will hurt the poor and middle class the most, one by one, million by million, and billion by billion.

We have a mountain to climb, and must do so with wisdom and character.  I believe, as President Reagan once said, that America’s best days are ahead of us.  Thank God we live in a robust, stable democracy.  It is up to us to gain a serious insight of that mountain and climb it with truth and spirit.

I simply can’t be silent about this crucial choice.  I believe God intends humankind eventually, somehow, someway, to attain a Heaven on Earth.

From early childhood we are taught that “God is Love.”   I still believe that and I also believe that each of us and all of us since the dawn of humankind possess a mind, body and piece of God.  I read that humans are wired for kindness and that’s my point of view.

Faith is a precious thing and my spiritual journey has been long and arduous.  But I have retained my honesty and ambitions as has Governor Romney.  Each night I pray for peace, security, freedom, democracies, prosperity, spiritual harmony, racial harmony, ecological harmony and health as well as moral purpose and meaning for the whole world.

It’s important that all of humankind understands this awesome destiny, including this crucial election.

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