WI Gov. Scott Walker’s Results–They Really Count!

 > This year “Chief Executive ” ranked Wisconsin the 12th best state for business, two spots better than 2014 and up from 41st when he became a governor–he followed a democratic governor who left a $3.6 billion deficit which Governor Walker solved.
  > Unemployment in Wisconsin in now down to 4.6 percent.
  > Wisconsin is head of the nation in growth of per capita income.
  > In 2010 only 10 percent of employees said Wisconsin was headed in the right direction.  Now 96 percent say Wisconsin is headed in the right direction.
  > Governor Walker oversaw a $650 million income tax cut–largest in 14 years, most going to those with incomes of $15,000 to $50,000, which is the middle class according to the Obama Administration.
  America needs results like the above, as opposed to the corruption and blind ambition that Secretary Clinton offers.

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