Your simple daily acts can bring about Heaven on Earth

We must all let our little lights shine for goodness, kindness, compassion, love, honesty, peace and justice—the positive values that are eternal in nature.  This doesn’t mean that you pay it forward through extreme measures, but that each day you exercise kindness to all and help in your own way shine the light toward a Heaven on Earth.  It’s amazing what one person might do with motivation.

Let your little light shine and you will be surprised at the wonderful reflections that will appear.  Search your mind and heart for solutions of all sizes and shapes.  Don’t underestimate yourself.  Never say never to a better, kinder, more loving world.

I believe we have a window of opportunity right now and in the immediate future to build a world of peace.  Currency wars and the problems of huge debts and obligations in the developed world make the financial future unclear.  But with a sense of purpose, each one of us can make a stupendous difference throughout our planet.  What we should aim for is to be the best that we can be, to be a part of a purpose beyond ourselves such as a Heaven on Earth.  We can!  We must!

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